Saturday, July 7, 2012

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As a teacher, I get to spend my days reminding kids that cheating is wrong.
"Please don't copy off someone else's paper, I want to know what you know" comes out of my mouth all the time!

But here's the part I don't mention to them, I copy all the time.  And, chances are, the outfit I'm wearing as I utter those words was copied from someone else (originally I typed  stolen from someone else, but that changed the whole tone of my post unintentionally - close call).

On days where nothing in my closet makes sense and I have nothing to wear, I head to the internet for help.  And while it'd be nice to say I just order something, that doesn't help me immediately (or fit into my budget).  So instead, I head over to my Pinterest boards, the addictive gossip site, Pop Sugar, or one of the fashion blgos I read for some inspiration.  More often that not, I can come up with something to wear with the clothes I have and, all of the sudden, my clothes don't seem so bad.

Recently I bought this dress with the hopes of being able to wear it multiple ways.  Then the cute Emma Stone went on tour for the new Superman movie and gave me the inspiration I needed.

I'm not creative enough on my own to make that dress a shirt.  But thank to the internet and all its magic, I was able to view that dress in a whole new way.
I might have not have the budget, the time or the stylists that the stars have, but I do have a good mix of clothes from Target, Gap and Kohls that can copy some of their looks.  And that makes a normal day in the classroom, telling kids to quit throwing things at each other, just a little glamorous.  Even if it's only in my head.

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Thank you, Mary!
I loved this!
I love to gain a little inspiration online once in a while to remind me that my clothes aren't that bad... I just need a little help figuring out how to style them!

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  1. Honestly, just browsing fashion retail sites like ideeli or HauteLook give me a lot of ideas, just seeing how companies style things on their models. Pinterest is also good.

  2. Most often I look at magazines and then shop what's in the stores. I'm plus sized and, honestly, usually there isn't plus sized looks that are contemporary and appreciate for the body type. I try to mix and match the stores to fit my body as best as I can.

  3. Pinterest, definitely. And random fashion blogs.

    Thanks for sharing your go-to places, Mary! :)

  4. I love going to thrift stores for fashion inspirations. There's so much to choose from at such a small cost. I love it

  5. I like to shop at Marshalls. You can get name brand items for a lot less and they have cute - cute stuff.

  6. I love Target and then hit the sales racks at Dillards.

  7. Definitely Pinterest. Love to steal outfit ideas from those who know what they are doing!

  8. I love to look through Pinterest but I know most of those outfits I couldn't pull off. I shop Target, Kohl, Old Navy, Forever21.... :)

  9. I see what my friends post on polyvore

  10. I completely think it is okay to "copy" when it comes to fashion. I think of it more as finding inspiration. I also go to Pinterest for fashion inspiration or I like checking some of my favorite fashion blogs.

  11. Either the catalogs I get in the mail, or just watching the women at church - some of them have such great fashion ideas! And, since most of the clothes in my wardrobe are hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law, I guess I get most of my fashion ideas from her!

  12. I love magazines buy really I just go to see what's new I'm the stores :)

  13. My go-to would have to be pinterest. I have a whole board dedicated to wardrobe ideas I like.

    I tend to be a jean, sneakers and tank kind of girl though, so I rarely actually purchase other items though haha.

  14. I hate to say it but Pinterest has great ideas for every day kind of fashion!

  15. Pinterest! It's my new addiction:)
    and i can always find something at Kohls!

  16. i like magazines! (livivua chandler)

  17. My go to place for fashion inspiration is magazines and other fashion bloggers!

  18. Whatever I can grab with my two kids in tow is what I get:) I just love comfy cute clothes---so I find a combo between online, Target, and discount stores;)

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