Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celebrity You Might Be Surprised To Know That I Like...

So, I was just thinking the other day about how you perceive people to be a certain way and then find out they enjoy a certain type of music or are into some celebrity that just seems so.... random.
My hubby, for example, is a big tough tattooed looking guy... but he loves Lionel Ritchie, y'know?
A little unexpected.

So today I'm sharing a celebrity that I like that you *might* be surprised to know...

Yep. I'm a HUGE {closet} Jessica Simpson fan.

I got hooked on Jessica when I watched Newlyweds... and yes, I'm still sad her & Nick aren't together.
Do I think she's a good singer? No.
Do I think she's a great actress? No.
Do I think she's super cute & so flaky it hurts?  Yes.
And that's her charm.
I find it endearing.
I love that she's not a size 0.
I love that she had a baby girl and named her Maxwell.
I love her hair.
And her nose.

Funnily enough, I think we'd make great friends in real life! 
Are you surprised? Shocked?
Are you hooked on Jessica too!?

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  1. YOU AND ME BOTH sister! I love her (in a closet sort of way). I'm so glad I'm not the only crazy one! :)

  2. I secretly love her sister's music.
    Just don't tell anyone... :)

  3. I love her, and not even a closet way. I think she is beautiful and her line of shoes is one of my fave, not to mention the coats, glasses and dress!

  4. I like her too, love her baby's name, and think it's crazy she gets comments about her weight just after having a baby. She's a little ditsy, but i'd be in big trouble too if all my comments were recorded for national viewing!! :)

  5. She is just the cutest, but also like a tomboy - which is why I love her. I loved Newlyweds - and Price of Beauty. I think she was adorable in that movie with Dane Cook (I can't remember the name!)

  6. I like her too. What you see is what you get. I wish people would lay off her baby weight!

  7. Wow, I'm surprised - so surprised that I felt the need to comment :)

    I guess I will be the odd one out and say I think she's one of those celebrities that I cannot understand at all. As for the baby weight, I think she cultivated the whole weight thing way back in the day when she missed the cut on the new MMC to Britney & Xtina and hasn't let it go!

  8. I like her a lot too. Always have!

  9. Yep, I like her too! I also became a fan from Newlyweds. I love her sense of humor and her carefree attitude. And I think she's gorgeous!! I fell in love with her again when I saw her on Ellen when she was like 8 months pregnant. She came out in those heels, and rocked it. Ellen was giving her a hard time about being so "big" and she was just so confident. I was like, Go pregnant Jessica!!

  10. haha so great! As I was reading this, it seemed as if this same exact post, word for word could have been on my blog! Written by me. I swaer. My husband is the big touch guy covered in tats & he loves that type of music too and he even loves chick flicks and desperate housewives (ok, & the Kardashians, lol) but seriously, I guess I never thought of it like that, but yeah, me too on the whole JS thing. I have a pair of her shoes and I secretly love them more because she designed them, lol. Yup, I also fell in love with her from the Newlyweds and the viseo you posted was a riot! That is when her flakiness was coined! Anyhoot, sorry for the long post, I was feelin' it tho, ha!


  11. Oops, wow on the typo's. My husband is a tough (looking) guy not a touch guy! and all the other misspelled stuff, sorry, eesh.

  12. IA I do like her as well. I don't think she's a terrible singer she just shows too much for my liking.

    She's quite adorable though!!

  13. I quite like her, she's ditzy and smart all at the same time - it's sweet!! x

  14. oh my gosh me too! i've loved her since the newlyweds and always hoped her and nick would work things out!

  15. HUGE Jessica SImpson fan, and proud! I love her.. I didn't know it wasn't 'cool' to like her. Why are you a closet fan??!


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