Friday, July 27, 2012

A Post About The Time My Phone Died

On June 28th, 2012 something very bad happened.
My phone died. Or it was dying.
I don't know what happened exactly, but during a text session with the hubs, the screen went black and the phone just started vibrating and it wouldn't stop.

I took the battery out & left it out overnight.
I actuallly dreamed about it throughout the night (addicted, much!?).
The next morning, nothing.

I called my service provider, but they couldn't do anything to help me. So I called the company that manufactured the phone.
They sent me a Purolator waybill.
Gee, thanks.

Because I live in a small town, I missed the pick up deadline for Purolator and had to wait until the following week to send my phone out.
Yeah, this happened RIGHT before Canada Day LONG weekend. Grrrrreat.
Oh, and I could have gotten a loaner, but I'd have to travel more than an hour to the city to get one... no thanks.

I missed my phone a lot during those 3(almost4) weeks...
It got easier, sure.
BUT it was really weird not being able to tweet, update my FB status or share updates on Instagram when my sister was in the hospital having her baby. I mean, hello!? MAJOR life moments here weren't being properly networked! ;)

NEARLY four weeks later, on Tuesay, July 24th my phone was returned me... finally!
To be honest, I almost forgot how to work the darn thing!

This is my first IG photo taken an hour or so after the phone was delivered to be at my office... with a dead battery! Could they not have recharged it for me first!?

Since then, I've slowly got back into tweeting more and checking my emails in a more timely fashion and, of course, taking pics!  Here is my Friday photo dump... a whole 3 days worth of shots!

I am happy to say I survived a month without my smart phone. Think you could do it?

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  1. it would be very difficult! Glad you have a phone again!!


  2. I'd never survive, I'd for sure be one raging bitch. lol

    I have a new linkup for IG you might be interested in! hope you check it out!

    Happy Friday!


  3. How did we ever survive before cell phones?

  4. Funny! Hey, thanks so much for sponsoring my blog this month! Totally loved promoting you! Come link up your photo dump to my Fun Photo Friday, if you haven't already!

  5. Wow... I'm impressed that you lived to tell the tale! haha. Yeah, I guess you gotta live without it if you have to... but I hope that sad day never comes. ;)

  6. I definitely could not live without my phone for that long. A day at the most! I don't know how on earth you did it!!! But I am glad you got your phone back :)

  7. yes i think i can. i lived one month and a half without proper internet. ( but of course, that includes occasionally stealing Kenny Roger's public WiFi )


  8. My last phone froze up and wouldn't work for 4 hrs straight, I was in panic mode and even once it started working again I was always worried it would freeze again. So 3 weeks later I bought a new one. The worst thing? My last phone wasn't even a smart phone. I do not want to even think about what would happen if my smart phone died :(

  9. You crack me up! Thanks for sharing this at Fun Photo Friday. I hope to see you at this week's party!


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