Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why I Wear Pink Pants

To make a long story short{ish}...
I had been dying for a pair of mint skinnies FOREVER  It's one of those fashion trends I love, but I'm nervous about at the same time.

I mean, I am a mom, I'm forever 29 32 years old... I'm not the skinniest I've ever been... could I pull them off!?

A couple weeks ago I finally got up the nerve to purchase a pair from Old Navy {there was a SUH-WEET deal happening}, but unfortunately, when they arrived they were too small.  I could squeeze my butt into them... but it wasn't pretty.  I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of owning a pair of mint pants, so I called to order a larger size. Disaster!! They were sold out of the mint skinnies... in like EVERY SIZE... but they did have pink!
What the heck!
I went for it!

 And I kinda LOVE them!

If I'm being COMPLETELY HONEST, the reason I fell for colored skinnies is because of Ashley.
Ashley has done several outfits posts based around colored skinnies {and yes, she has mint ones!!} and I've been stalking admiring her look for a while!  If it wasn't for her, I might not have jumped on this trend... but I'm sure glad I did!

Ashley is a sponsor here this month (Yay!) but more than that she's a wickedly fashionable mama with great personal style & a heart of gold!  Her blog is one of my "must reads" and I have no doubt we'd make great friends "IRL" if we lived closer to each other.

Ashley blogs over at Flats to Flip Flops , and she's here today to tell you a little more about herself!

"I'm a momma to 2 sweet kiddos, a boy (age 4) and a girl (who is almost 2...ahhh)! My blog is about fashion, faith, and philanthropy. Modest fashion, mommy moments and giving back are the theme there! I also co-founded The Hudson Foundation, a non profit that helps give hope to couples struggling with infertility. "

Cool chick, right?
You can find Ashley on Facebook & Twitter too!

Ashley is also offering one of my readers the chance to win a medium ad space on Flats to Flip Flops!

 The giveaway ends at midnight Saturday, June16th!
Good luck!

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  1. i want colored skinnies in the WORST way!

  2. I have pink skinnies too and I can honestly say they're my favorite pants I own. I was skeptical but I'm so glad I went for it. Yours are adorable!

  3. LUV your colored jeans. I really, really want a pair, but I might have to go for liposuction first. ;-)

  4. LUV your colored jeans. I really, really want a pair, but I might have to go for liposuction first. ;-)

  5. Thanks lady! You are too sweet! And, I must say, lovin the pink skinnies! You go girl!

  6. Ok, now I'm reconsidering. I too have been craving a pair of colored skinnies but the only ones F21 had in my size (apparently I'm too skinny for skinnies?) were this color. I wasn't brave enough but now you're making me reconsider.

  7. I have been wanting a pair of mint skinny's also! I found a great pair at Target, but they didn't look quite right- so I am still looking! However, I did buy a pair of purple ankle pants {on clearance!} I'm so excited!

  8. I had the hardest time finding a pair of mint skinnies in stock in my size, too! I finally lucked out at Target the other week, and snagged the last pair in my size.

    Pink skinnies calls for more bravery than I have. :) Good on you.

  9. I love colored jeans! Although I don't own a pair I can still say I love them right? :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. So glad you went for it! You are totally rocking them too! :) I'm wearing some aqua ones today.

  11. I can't wear skinny anything and anything except black or dark blue jeans will not look good on me. I love the pink on you. :) Thanks for the giveaway!!


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