Saturday, June 16, 2012

We ♥ Dad

Who is your favorite "TV Dad" of all time?
What's your favorite personal father-figure related memory?

I've invited a few of my rockin' June sponsors to answer these questions in honor of all the dads we'll be celebrating this weekend!!
Don't be shy... We'd love to hear your answers in the comments sections too!

"My favorite TV dad has got to be the quintessential early 90's sitcom dad. Like Coach Lubbock from "Just the 10 of us"... or Clarissa and Blossom's dad. They're so goofy and lovable. And I love that there are always several episodes when they bond with their daughters over something totally ridiculous, but the lesson in the end was warm and fuzzy and made you love and appreciate your own dad so much more.

Hands down, my favorite memory of my father is reading the Nancy Drew novels a few times a week before bedtime from the time I was VERY little - maybe 7 or 8 - until I was 13. It was a great time that we had together, and it'll always be a warm memory in my soul. He did the BEST voices for the characters, and we had little routines that we went through every time something predictable (like calling Bess fat or talking about Nancy's roadster) happened. It was the best time. I loved it, and I love having the memory now."

"Favorite TV Dad is really a two-way tie between McDreamy and McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy.  And come on, do I really have to explain why??  *drool*

My favorite memory of my Husband and our girl is actually one I can watch over and over.  I caught it on video.  They're lying on the bed, her about 3 months old and naked from the waist down, reading "The Paper Bag Princess"  and all of a sudden she lets out a big loud baby fart.  And Andrew turns to her and in a silly princess voice says, "Eeeew, you farted!"  Then she grins at him and does it again, and he says in the same voice, "You farted again!!"  Then they both laughed.   Yeah, I know really classic, but it's so funny to watch!"

"The first TV dad who came to mind was Dan Connor from Roseanne.  He was hilarious and just like any other hard working dad, he just wanted his TV and his beer!

The best memory I have with my dad, is him playing his vinyl records for me.  He taught me everything I needed to know about music.  He played The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Guess Who, and George Clinton and the P Funk All Stars.  He also bought me my first CD - Blood Sugar Sex Magic - Red Hot Chilli Peppers." 

"The dad from 7th Heaven. He always seemed to have it together no matter how many kids they had at the time.
I was a flower girl in my aunt's wedding and there is this absolutely adorable picture of my dad and I in our formal wear."

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"Gotta go with good ol' Bill Cosby on this one!

 My two kids are my parents' only grandchildren, and they absolutely love them. But when I was pregnant with my first, they were still getting used to the idea of being grandparents. I asked my dad what he wanted my kids to call him, and he responded with, "Larry."

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"Adam Braverman from Parenthood- He's down to earth, hysterical, still knows how to have a good time and treats his wife and kids amazing

My favorite memory would have to be with the Mr... I remember when Dylan was first born and the Mr. had earrings ha ha. I know it's funny right? Anyway I never liked the earrings. I always thought they made him look really young and immature myself. So when we arrived home from the hospital he took out all of his earrings. I don't know why but it was a really cute and funny moment. He was growing up and it was symbolic of him becoming a father."

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 "I'm going to go with Hal from Malcom In The Middle.  He was a little misguided, sure, but he was so devoted to his wife and he really tried his best to bond with his boys.  Not the world's most perfect family, but he sets a better example for husbands and fathers than most tv dads do.
My Dad has always been there to help me out with the little things.  He drove me to school every day (we had no buses), he took me shopping to buy shoes for a friend's wedding, he taught me to waltz so we could dance together at my own wedding.  He was always ready with a hug or a funny story when I'd had a bad day, and he still clips articles of interest from the newspaper and sends them to me in the mail.  Dad knows all kinds of little ways to remind me that I'm loved -and for that I am very grateful"

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  1. I love Parenthood! I'm with Beth - Adam Braverman might be my favorite TV dady!


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