Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday 10

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This week we are sharing our... 
10 Favorite Things about the 90's

I spent a good part of the nineties in high school {I started in '92 & graduated in '97}, so it's a great decade to reminisce about!!  But, where do you start!?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Doc Martens


{the movie AND the soundtrack!}

{it should be note that I was severely infatuated with Breckin Meyer for at least a year or two after seeing this movie for the first time!! LOVED him!}

The "Rachel" haircut

Dawson's Creek

SNL... the lineup in the 90's was THE BEST!

Oasis "Wonderwall"

{another AWESOME movie AND soundtrack!}

"Did I do that!?"

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Just a reminder that I will be taking a break from hosting these posts in JULY... only because it's Summer, and it promises to be a busy month for all of us, I'm sure!
But I'll be back in August... and I might even throw in a Tuesday10 here or there if I have the chance, so keep your eyes peeled!!

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  1. Doc Martins! Good one, I totally forgot about those :)

  2. These are brilliant..I liked a lot of the same :) x

  3. Yes!!! Brings back memories!

  4. Best list ever! I had red doc.martins and empire records has to be my favorite movie made. do you watch "don't trust the B. in apartment 23"? It has james vanderbeak from dawsons creek and they always make fun of him for it.

  5. Conpletely forgot to put Nirvana on my list! Love your list!

  6. Ahhh Empire Records! I was SO obsessed with that movie! My best friend and I rented the VHS from the video store every weekend for like a year. Love it!

  7. love this link up!! the "Rachel" will always be an epic hairstyle!

  8. GREAT list! Along with SNL cast being awesome then so were the VJ's on Much Music. We had all the good stuff :o)

  9. i never owned a pair of Docs but i so wanted a purple pair!

    Steve Urkel, man I loved that show!

    Loved Empire Records and Clueless - i see there is a Clueless show now on Much or MTV

  10. Excellent list...There was SO much to chose from in the '90's! I LOVED Empire Records!! The Fresh Prince!! AHHHH!!!

  11. I went back and forth between Friends and DC on my list! Great ideas and thanks for the inspiration every week!

  12. Hi!

    I'm Shar, your newest follower from the blog hop!

    Come visit me over at: http://sharmartinez.blogspot.com

    I STILL watch Fresh Prince! :p

    xoxo -Shar

  13. We definitely would have been bffs in the 90's! Ha! This link up is so fun! I'll have to join if I can find some free time!

  14. Your list is awesome! I am a sucker for 90's nostalgia! I may have to come link up one of my older posts about this...

    If I were to make a new list though...mine would almost be identical to yours... plus some mulberry lipstick! And Knee highs with baby doll shoes! Woo!

  15. Love the 90's! This was such a fun list to make!

  16. Wow, Fresh Prince brings back memories! This was a fun list to to make! thanks!

  17. Have you heard Straight No Chaser's version of Wonderwall? It's amazing!!! They have some super good acapella stuff! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi6mXT8C2fo

    It's interesting how the fave lists of things from the 90s depend on how old we were then! And too on what was popular in our little group of friends. Some things are inconic though! Loved reading your list :)

  18. Oh the 90s... I had a pair of Doc Martens! And to this day I love Rachel's hair! Pretty sure Jennifer Aniston has the best hair of all time. haha.

  19. This is SUCH a fun linkup! I think I'll have to join up on an upcoming Tuesday! I was just a kid in the 90s, but I LOVE everything about the 90s. :) I still have my trusty old pair of Doc Martens that still fit. I'm saving them for someday when the school I teach at has 90s day. :)


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