Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sushi Bunnies & Shark Attack

Last week, Ruby had so much fun modelling a "Does That Come in my Size?" outfit, that she asked if she could do it again! Duh!
Of course!

So she went through her closet and put together this look!


 She reminds me of a mini Gwen Stefani! lol

Not wanting to be left out, Memphis put on his FAVORITE tee and asked if I would take his picture too... again, duh!?  How cute is he!?


 Ruby's Outfit:
headband, given to us
dress, modern olive
shoes, hand-me-down "converse" knock

Memphis' Outfit:
tee, old navy
shorts, the children's place

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  1. They look precious, love the dress :) x

  2. your kids make wonderful models :) i have ruby's shoes in adult size, love 'em!

  3. That's neat how Memphis' arms look like they're being bit off by the shark when he crosses his arms.

  4. Yup. You're right . Cutest ever.

  5. Discovered your blog through the Meet & Tweet! I adore the names of your kids :) Newest follower!

  6. How cute they both are! :) Love your new buttons by the way!

  7. They are both adorable! I love her headband

  8. I would SO wear that. TODAY.

    I just got my girls night out inspiration from your daughter. :)

    Tell her thanks! where are my Chucks?


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