Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shoe Obsessed

I'm obsessed.

  Not shown in this photo are my boots... I have a "few" pairs of those too!
I KNOWI have way more than I NEED, and it makes me feel a little guilty... BUT
and here's the BUT

Shoes make me happy!  They really do!
A good pair really brightens my day!
And I don't spend a fortune on them {I love a good sale!!}... and a lot of these I've had for YEARS... it's really more of a "collection"...  ;)

I really, really love accessorizing with shoes.  They totally make {or break} an outfit for me!

 In reality, there are far more worse things I could be addicted to, right?

This shoe obsession is totally justifiable.
 I mean... really?
How could I say "no" to these babies...

 So, if you didn't know it before... now you do.
I'm a shoe addict, and proud of it!

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  1. I love shoes too, you have some fab ones :) xx

  2. oh man i LOVE your shoe collection!! i love shoes, too but i don't have a lot...

  3. what a great grouping of shoes! so jealous!! xo.

  4. Can you PUHLEASE post links to some of your pairs that might still be sold? I love 'em all. :)

  5. you have got an amazing collection there! I'm purse obsessed! That's my favorite way to accessorize. I just can't say no to a new cute bag!

  6. I'm glad you finally admit it:) cute shoes!!

  7. Looks like my closet.. just add a couple dozen more flip flops.. HA! I'm seriously addicted to buying flip flops. Ballet flats, however, are few and far between in my closet. I don't really care for them.

  8. Oh man, I am completely shoe-obsessed, too. I'm actually a little scared to gather all of my shoes like you did in your photo, just because I think I would be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them.

  9. This is not an obsession. This is talent!! LOL

  10. Haha! I love it! And Im totally jealous at the same time! I need to do a post like this soon :)

  11. uhm, the turquoise pair that totally jumps in the first and last pictures...

    Can I have those? Please?
    Okay, fine... just tell me where you got them. I'm in love. They're speaking directly to me.


  12. Impressive collection girl!!! I am so lame about shoes! I wish I had more... But I only have a few that I wear all the time.

  13. i was expecting way more! haha! shoes are a very important part of any outfit so of course you need a ton to chose from...thats how I am with purses!


  14. I totally get this! Plus all of your shoes are really cute!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower! Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  15. Yes. I am shooting shoes through my veins as well. When we go on a weekend trip my husband is like "Ok try and narrow it down to four pairs of shoes." Love all your flats and sneakers. Comfy + cute = perfect.

  16. I want to live in your closet so I can be around cute shoes all day.


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