Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rated F for Family, A for Awesome

Every now & then a great movie comes along that we can enjoy as a family.
I'm not talking about those silly cartoons that we, as adults, tolerate... or the hybrids like, The Chipmunks, Hop & The Smurfs {although, we do love those too!}...

I'm talking about a smart, beautiful film that make us all think & feel AND prompts our children to ask us questions that really matter.

Big Miracle is that movie.

I rented it this weekend to make Memphis happy.  The kid is obsessed with anything that swims lately, and this fit the bill.

I didn't expect to like it as much as I did.

If you're unfamiliar with the plot, the movie is based on true events.  In 1988, a family of whales are trapped in the arctic circle by rapidly forming ice... the story follows their inspiring rescue.

We watched this movie together, as a family, and my kids understood that there are things worth fighting for & that by working together we can accomplish pretty much anything.
Hope. Faith.

I giggled, and I cried.
Heck! Maybe I was just emotional this weekend, but I deemed this movie good enough to blog about!

p.s. Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, Ted Danson, Kristen Bell & Dermot Mulroney totally rocked this movie too!

Have you seen it?

Other movies I've really LOVED lately:
The Grey
Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Water For Elephants

What have you been watching?

If you're looking for the Tuesday10 linkup, Paige at The Eloping Stethescope will be hosting it for the next few weeks!  
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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. Always looking for great movies to watch with the kids! We watch Zathura! Have you seen that? I never even heard of it until my sister borrowed it to Wesley! It's like a space version of Jumangi. Pretty good.

  2. I have wanted to see this movie SOOOOO BAD!!! Going to get it for sure now! :)
    Thanks for the review!

  3. Just saw a part of Crazy Stupid Love this morning and can't wait to see the whole thing! And Water For Elephants was a beautiful movie, have you read the book?
    Love ya thanks for the movie pick, going to see if the girls like it.

  4. We just watched it this weekend! What a great movie!! I really enjoyed it and Miss M was sobbing halfway through it because she was sad about the situation. Poor thing! Great family movie!!

  5. I loved this movie!! After you said on facebook that you were watching it I had to rent it too! It totally inspired me..

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    have a good night!

  7. Oooh, I haven't seen it, but now I really want to! I guess that will be our Friday night movie with the kids this week. =)

  8. This looks like a good one! Have you (& Memphis) seen Dolphin Tale? It was a good one. Sounds like he'd like it! We watched We Bought A Zoo last night, too... SO Good! Hubs even liked it!


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