Monday, June 18, 2012

Mama Bear

I'm sure the mothers among us have all used the term ''mama bear'' when talking about the instincts we have when it comes to our children, right?

And with good reason… the second we hold our precious babies for the first time those instincts kick in BIG TIME. From that moment on, we would literally do anything to protect them.
But this isn't a post about that…

There's another reason I feel like a ''mama bear.''

You see, my children were co-sleepers… and more often than not, they still share our bed.
I'm totally okay with that.
To be honest, I sleep better when we are all curled up under the same blankets.
I just love it.
It still feels ''right'' to me. Together… cozied up in our den bed.

Ruby is much more independent. She often prefers her own bed to ours, as she should, and usually only sneaks into our room after a bad dream or if she's not feeling well.
Memphis is anxious about the dark, and he has always slept better when he wasn't alone.
It won't & can't last forever, right?


Don't get me wrong, I am happy for them when they make it through the nights in their own beds. It's wonderful when they do…
but I never sleep right when they're not nearby.

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  1. We are co sleepers too! It won't be forever, but confirmation from Mr. Gossling is always nice!

  2. awww. i love this. even when i try to let the kids sleep with us, my husband drags them back to their beds. i know why too.. haha.. i want snuggles with little ppl.. thats what mommy wants.

  3. My daughter is six and while my husband was deployed we co-slept for the entire 7 months. She felt safer being closer to me.

    It works for us, she is able to sleep in her own bed whenever she needs to or wants to.

  4. So I'm not a momma yet... but I can agree with doing what's best for your family whether it's the popular thing to do or not! Do what's best for you! ;)

  5. I co-slept with my son! From the time he was born until 6mths of age. Then we went into his crib beside my bed. Now he is in his own room (16mths) and I still go get him out and bring him to my bed. I find nothing wrong with it. Breaking me from it is what was hard. It was easy for him.

  6. I co-slept with my son who is now 3 1/2. It wasn't by choice initially more about necessity. He still sneaks into our bed almost every single night and when he doesn't it just feels strange to wake up without him beside me. My daughter who is almost two loves her crib and won't sleep anywhere else. So, for now we co-sleep with one and not the other. :)

  7. That's really sweet!! I do the same with my children. My oldest now sleeps in her own bed and has done for some time now, but comes when she's unwell or had a bad dream. The youngest sleeps with us, much easier while nursing still. I like to be able to see them and know their ok. But, when they want to sleep in their own bed, that's just fine as well. :)


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