Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Girl Behind The Blog


I absolutely LOVE when bloggers "vlog"... it's a fab way to get to know someone better.
Seriously, how often to you visit a blog and think "I wonder what she's like in real life!?"
There's just something special about hearing someone's voice... it's so "them."

HOWEVER, I'm not a fan of posting blogs because a) I have no idea how to edit it to make me look better {haha!} and b) I get really nervous when I have to speak in public... and let's face it... this is going to be on the world wide web forever!!

But, I did it!
5OhWifey hosts a great linkup and I jumped at the chance!

I probably said "ummmmm" like way too many times,
and I should NOT be wearing horizontal stripes on camera....
AND I think I made a lot of weird faces.

But it was fun.
I'll probably do it again. Ha!

And for the record... as for home decor style... right now I'd say "eclectic" & "mish-mased" and if you're wondering what kind of music I love... well, MOST of it really.  I love everything from the The Beatles to Justin Bieber, Johnny Cash & Loretta Lynn to Adele, KISS to Rancid.... the only thing I'm not crazy about is "new country" and anything too "heavy."

Other pet peeves... dirty laundry on the floor & rude people on the phone.
And guilty pleasures... Diet Dr. Pepper, pedicures & old musicals!

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  1. Great Vlog! Pineapple mango ice cream float?!?!?! Where do you get that? It sounds delicious!!

  2. Yay Lena!! Loved it. So sweet and your accent is the cutest! ;)

  3. Loved your vlog! I think I would die if there was a pineapple mango float place near me! Sounds delish!

  4. haha, yep, totally identify with your style! love that wall color =)

  5. It's nice to meet you! I love your accent.

    My fashion style tends to be the same as yours, haha. I just put on whatever I feel like wearing when I wake up.

    That pineapple mango ice cream float sounds delicious.

  6. Nice to "meet" you!
    I thought you did a great job vlogging :)

  7. LOVE your vlog girl! And seriously you are rocking that Jacket! Omgsh pinapple mango ice cream? I'm there. There is a place in town that has this delicious mango tea and its soooo good!

  8. So fun! It's fun to put a voice with the blog! Great job Lena!

  9. You are such a good speaker! And pineapple float? Sign me up. I think you should have one today!! :)
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  10. loved hearing your voice! :) and your style is super look presh in this video!! :)

  11. i found you through the vlog - i don't have one ... but i do work at an insurance company too!!! :) good to meet you!

    - jennifer.

  12. That paint color in the room is fabulous! I get a lot of fashion tips from other bloggers too!

  13. OMG that float sounds amazing - now I want one and I don't even really know what it is!

    Love how you described your style - that's how I am too - mixing it up, and can do two completely polar opposite outfits on two different days.

  14. Awesome Lena!! I loved hearing you... And Love those green walls!! My older daughter's room used to painted that color!

  15. Lena, you are so ADORABLE!!! LOVED your vlog!! Way to go!!!!

    Tomorrow is going to be a HOT one.. so make sure to go grab a pineapple mango ice-cream float!! That sounds delicious!

  16. Great job lady. It's always great to get that first vlog under your belt.

    And I didn't notice an accent. Maybe I just can't tell a Canadian accent when I hear one. People tell me I have one. I think they are crazy.

  17. I love it so much! You are EXACTLY like I pictured you, voice and ALL! :) What a super fun link-up, I may have to join!

  18. That was so great!!! I love your accent! Do more of them for sure. You're so cute. =)))

  19. awww. loved watching you in "real time." i love this!! im totally like you as far as fashion.. some days im rock and roll, some days eclectic, some days, 80's some days preppy..whatever i feel like and whatever fits me that day.. haha

  20. You are adorable! I love your striped jacket, adore the green wall behind you - amazing. And I think what you said about your pet peeve is SO true.. I feel the same way. I'm excited to read your blog more :)

  21. Man, I would hate to live in a small town (not saying you should hate where you live). I work in a little salon full of gossip and everyone being in everyone's business and it drives me nuts. I can only imagine what you deal with. Ugh! New follower. Hope we can be pals. :)

  22. Yay for Johnny Cash! I had a kitchen painted that EXACT lime green! I wish I had tons of money and could buy a plane ticket to meet you for reals. I want to see what else we have in common!

    I started my old blog (SmittenQueen) while working my 3 year stint at State Farm. Yay insurance!

    Psht. If you didn't say 'Umm' so many times I'd be totally jealous you mastered the VLOG so quickly! :)


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