Monday, June 25, 2012

Cleaning Out My Closet

Hey lovelies!
I'm sure you know this by now, but I LOVE fashion. I believe a girl can NEVER have enough clothes or shoes... I know, I know. I sound terribly materialistic, but bear with me... I'm cheap!
I LOVE thrifting and NEVER, ever pay full price for ANYTHING!
See, not so bad, right?

All these clothes need to be put away somewhere... 
Fortunately, I aboslutely LOVE reorganizing my closet, and it just so happens I'm about to pull out my summer clothes (it's finally warm here! yay!). 
I try to do this at least once a month, but the change of seasons is a perfect excuse to get into my closet and whip it into shape!

I thought I could do a simple tutorial {if it can even be called that!} on closet organization.
I have LOTS of stuff... very little space!

Ugh. What a mess, right?

First things first:

Always go through and put away clothes that are no longer appropriate for the season.
You don't need 12 sweaters at hand in the summer.
Get those out of there.

While you're in there, if you can't remember wearing something for the past 6-12 months... get rid of that too.  Unless it holds some sort of sentimental value, you probably don't need it anymore.  If it's still in good shape {and depending what it is}, why not donate it or sell it on Ebay!?

Now, comes the actually sorting and organization.
There are a ton of ways you can do this:
Style, Color, Brand, etc.

I've decided to do style & color.
Similar tops together, slips, skirts, dresses, pants...

I have a lot of pattern in my closet... so I use the "main" color as my starting point...
It's not going to be perfect! {dang it!}

This is was the "top" section looks like now...

Next, I made sure to hang all my slips together, and my denim skirts as well.
As for dresses, I debated about going simply by style & length... but then decided to do it by color too.  As best I could... again, I have a lot of patterns in there so my closet will never look as color-blocked as I would like {yes, I'm sorta geeky that way... BUT I love a good pattern too, so what's a girl to do!?}

I keep my jeans on the top shelf, so I just tidied those up a bit...

If you have a ton of denim, I would suggest going by fit & color too... 

That's it.
Much better than when I started, and ready for me to fill it up even more with my summer stuff!!

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  1. I organize my closet by color too! ;)

  2. Love, I am all sorted by color too. You have lots of color! Mine is dominated by my xo

  3. i just got rid of a whole trash bag full of clothes from my closet! it feels so nice!

  4. I'm vising you from The funny thing of it is :) I love this post, it's so funny, because I did the exact same thing over the weekend. I love to organize my closet by colors and my jeans are placed on the top shelf. Clearing everything and organizing it's therapeutic for me I think, or maybe it's the shopping. I don't know. I do known that I love your blog :)

  5. i hardly ever buy myself clothes and i have clothes that i am still wearing ffrom high school - yep, probably a perfect candidate for What Not TO wear....if you have clothes to sell or donate, let me know...i have not lost all of my belly this pregnancy around and most of my clothes dont even fit me properly :(

  6. I try to organize mine by color too, but usually that lasts until I do laundry again, so I just stick to type, like tank tops together, then tshirts then nicer shirts and so on!
    Love seeing closet organization for a small closet like mine!

  7. Whoa! Those jeans. I have 2 pairs. Now I see why I have so much trouble coming up with creative outfit posts. Guess I need a shopping trip. Thanks for the tips on organizing. Love your patterned tops, too.

  8. I love organizing my closet too! Way too much. :)

  9. Great job! We are moving and I can't wait to reorganize my closet! Yippee!

  10. Great job! We are moving and I can't wait to reorganize my closet! Yippee!

  11. When going through my closet, I ALWAYS pull out stuff I don't wear. Instead of getting rid of it though, I save it. I learned growing up, listening to my mom say "Oh! I used to have a pair of those!" that I should save eccentric fashion staples for my daughter (but now maybe granddaughter). I have a box set aside for those brown suede leather pants I'll never fit in, those electric blue boots I'll never wear again, and this crochet vintage 70's wedding dress I used to wear as a sun dress.

    I'd flip if my mom ever gave me a box of awesomeness such as that!


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