Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cheers to Summer {June Sponsors}

Summer brings back so many special memories...
Growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere meant Summer vacation was 2 months of endless possibilities for mischief!!
There were barns, fields and woods to explore... beaches to visit & picnics to pack.
My cousins from the city always came & spent a few weeks with us, and it was
I really miss those days of run around barefoot without a care in the world...
why were we in such a hurry to grow up!?

My June "small" Sponsors are here today to share their favorite Summer memories too!
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"My favorite summer memory would have to be my wedding in August of 2005!  The day before I got married my parents, sister, best friend and I went to the lake and spent the day floating around on inner tubes and eating raspberry shakes!  Of course, the actual wedding was pretty good too :)"

"Every Tuesday night we'd have swim meets, and my sister and I would prep for them by watching movies all day, eating a big pasta dinner, and then going out and having fun at the pool with our friends that night!! Such amazing memories with friends doing that, year after year!"

"My favorite summer memory is camping. We used to go camping a lot when I was younger and I just loved it. It would usually involve fishing which was super fun! There is nothing better than the food cooked over a campfire and then roasting some s'mores! Loved it!!"

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"Most of my favorite childhood summer memories are from spending summers in England as a child. My mom's family lives in England and we would spend 3 months there every year. I loved walking around the corner to the little store by myself and buying a piece of candy every day. I was completely enthralled with the double decker buses and would beg to ride them as often as possible. As an adult, my favorite summer memories are all about watching my kids explore and discover new things that they love to do. Watching them learn to swim, seeing the joy on their faces as they discover the yumminess of root beer sno-cones, laughing as my toddler chases the bubbles in the sky....that's what makes my heart full."

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"Near the small town that I grew up in there is a campground/picnic area called Flatbed Creek. As a young girl, my parents would bring us there almost every weekend and many week nights for a barbecue. We had so much fun playing with friends, cooking over the fire, and wading in the creek. As we grew into teenagers, our parents let us ride our bikes the few kilometres out of town to go to Flatbed with friends. From playing on the campground playground as a girl, to secret kisses with a special guy as a teenager, most of my great summer memories happened there!"

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"One of my favorite summer memories was the year I “decided to whatever I wanted” one summer, a few years before graduating college.  I found a job as a waitress/staff member at a Dude Ranch in Cody, Wyoming and it paid $300 a month, free room & board.   It was worth the crappy pay because I had the best summer ever.  I met people from all over the country, led horseback rides, went into ‘town’ and watched the nightly rodeo (cowboys!), two stepped and jitterbugged with them later at a popular watering hole called Cassies, and listened to Shania Twain all summer tellin’ those boys that they don’t impress me much.  That was a summer I’ll never forget."

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Have a wonderful weekend, peeps!

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  1. I enjoyed reading about all the other ladies and how different our lives are ~ Thank you Lena for pulling together such a great post!

  2. Such a cute write-up! I love what you did with the pictures - whenever I write on mine myself they never come out looking so fancy! :)


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