Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!?

Melinda of Zombie Supply Co. is new to Mom2MemphisAndRuby.... but she's been on my radar for a while.  I LOVE her shop, and her sister's story shouldn't be ignored {keep reading!}... 
A lot of the shops & blog I advertise on here are wonderful, but this one is a tad different than the "norm."

Zombie Supply Co. is home of the official Zombie Survival Bracelet™
All paracord items are handcrafted with locally made 550 type III paracord... literally less than a mile from her house.  The REALLY cool thing about her shop {other than the name! love it!} is the fact that she donates $3.00 from the sale of every paracord bracelet to the Wounded Warrior Project!

She also sells awareness bracelets.
She has a special line of Aplastic Anemia awareness bracelets of which all of the proceeds go to her younger sister who was diagnosed with this relatively rare disease in February of this year. It would be totes awesome of you to think about blood & platelet donations... Her sister was having 3+ platelet transfusions a week!  We're sharing her sister's website today in hope that you will check it out and maybe learn more about this condition. 

Melinda will be giving away a paracord bracelet to one of my readers!
Winner chooses color combo... TONS to choose from, peeps!!

I am very thankful I've met Melinda and hope you will take a moment to get to know her as well!

The giveaway will end midnight on Wednesday, June 20th!
Good luck!

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  1. I like the pink/brown combo, but I want to know the back story! How can I use this bracelet against a zombie attack??

  2. I'd probably get this red and yellow one...... but I too need to know exactly how to use it during the zombie attack!

  3. NOT AN ENTRY Here's an apology about any possible Twitter screw ups. I'm just finally learning how to use it, and let's just say it is a steep learning curve.

  4. I looooooove the light pink/grey. gorgeous.
    and handy, clearly, in case of zombie apocalypse... what with recent 'bath salts' situations and all.

  5. I would probably do a custom bracelet in purple and black or maybe purple and gray or gunmetal in honor of our elementary school's colors. :)

  6. Either the red black and white one, or the black and white with the green ribbon (Devils hockey or Jets football) Cute for sports gear!

    Or maybe I'll go totally girly and get the rainbow and white custom =)

  7. I would go with the Pink and brown one. Very cute!

  8. I really like the Pink and ACU combo one. What a great shop and a great cause!!!

  9. i heart the paracord zombie survival bracelet

  10. Ah, brilliant concept! :D

    I need the ammo box, but I also would love a bracelet in a royal blue and forest green, if possible.

  11. I'd get the red and black one or neon green and black.

  12. I like the pink and brown combo... i liked it so much... that i went ahead and bought it :)

    i believe that the zombie apocalypse will come one day... i just pray that i will be long gone when that happens! LOL

  13. I LOVE the Pink and Brown one!!!

  14. I like the pink and brown however it would be really cool if she made a Thin Blue Line one too!


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