Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday 10


Megan from Shaping Up To Be A Mom  is my co-host this week!
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Thanks to her theme suggestion,
we get to share the
Top 10 People We'd Love to Meet
I'm putting a little twist on my list and I'm going to name a few "girl crushes."
You know... those girls you wish you were, or wish you could be like, or hang out with.
It's an eclectic group, but I think it would be a hoot to get them all together... and I'm pretty sure they'd love me too!

Anna Paquin
She's quirky, spunky... love the gap in her teeth... Canadian (sorta?) and on one of my fave shows ever!
If we were friends she'd invite me along to the set of True Blood, fo 'sho!

Cate Blanchett
She's effortlessly elegant & crazy cool.  I picture us hanging out, drinking tea.  Doing something smart and a little sassy.

Gwyneth Paltrow
She'd be another smart friend... but silly too.  We'd probably hang out at karaoke bars or something.
Do brunch and a little Sunday shopping the next day!

Ellen Degeneres
To be honest, I think she's hilarious... and the kids would love her!!
"C'mon kids...let's go visit Auntie Ellen!"

Cyndi Lauper
I love my mom to death... but we'd both be fine if Ms. Cyndi decided to adopt me!
I'm serious.

Juliette Lewis
She'd be my crazy friend who always made a scene wherever we went... she'd introduce me to some of the stangrest & most fascinating people!  Plus, some people have said I kinda look like her (in my younger days), so we could totes pretend to be sisters! Fun!

Drew Barrymore
We'd go to a pound and adopt a puppy or something... then invite some of other friends over for a game of charades & a backyard BBQ.

Jennifer Lawrence
There'd be worse things than being Katniss' best friend, right?  And she could introduce me to Josh Hutcherson... like, seriously, is he really that adorable in real life!?

Kristen Wiig
Her sense of humour is probably the most like mine.  We'd have a blast no matter what we did!
LOVE her!

Emma Stone
Let's just pretend for a second that we were the same size... we could totally share clothes! And she could tell me in detail what it was like to make out with with Ryan Gosling!  BFF!!

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  1. Oh, now that I am reading other lists I am thinking of all types of people I want to add to my list! Drew Berrymore and Kristen Wiig - Good ones!

  2. not doing tuesday 10 this week(but i do have a super special post today, come see!), but i looooove your list!

  3. Now that is a fabulous list! I'd love to meet every one of those ladies. Or just one of those ladies. Haha!

  4. brand new to your blog.. love the 10 favorites =) since this is my first ever time here, i dont know what you did already..
    but hmmm...
    10 guys that make you a cougar..=)
    10 phrases or words you wish would come back in style
    10 celebrities you feel sorry for

    =) there are my suggestions =)
    i plan on linking up sometime soon!

  5. Thanks as always Lena!! Have a fabulous week!! :)
    -Meesh :)

  6. I had SO much fun with this hop. Thank you so much for hosting. I spent the entire day thinking of people and had a hard time narrowing it down! I'm about to go read other people's lists, and I can't wait!

  7. Mine isn't exactly the prompt, but linking anyway :) I love this list, I think Kristin Wiig is one of the funniest women on the planet.

  8. OMG i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet ellen!! she would be so much fun to be around!



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