Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday "Small" Sponsor Shoutout

May is coming to an end, and there are a few lovely ladies I haven't officially introduced to you... yet.
Last, but certainly not least, today I feature my "small" sponsors...
They are every bit as special to me as my the larger ads... the fact that they support me, and believe in this little blog means the world to me!

I hope you will take a moment to visit them, stop by to say hi and let them know I sent you!

I've asked them to describe their blog in 5 words to make it easy for you to get a feeling about what they are all about!  Enjoy!


 Kimberly at A Night Owl Blog
crafting  photography  thrifting  pinterest  recipes

Diane of MamalDiane
recipes  gardening  grandchildren  frugal  caregiver
  Salena of A Little Piece of Me
life  marriage  parenting  faith  love 

Please also take a minute to visit
Katie at Party of Four
Heather at RockStew
Leigh-Ellen at Little Waterlily Big Pond
Grace at Betwixxt

Let it be known that I have a pretty amazing sidebar this month... from the largest ads, to the swaps {check them out too!!}, I am definitely a very lucky gal!!  

If you are interested in sponsoring Mom2MemphisAndRuby in June, I think there are a few small ad spaces left... use promo code JUNEBUG for $2 off the price of a small June ad!!

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