Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pale & Proud { an outifit post }

I'm not even a teeny bit embarrassed at how painfully pale I am in these photos!

Keep in mind my legs have been tucked safely inside mutlicolred tights all winter and it's only just starting to be warm enough here to go bare-legged!

To be honest, I'm actually quite pale throughout the summer too!
I have sensitive skin & I try to stay in the shade as much as possible and apply a ton of sunscreen!!

Chevron Top: Old Navy //  Belt: ? // Skirt: H&M hand-me-down from my BFF // Leopard flats: Walmart // Earrings: some cute Etsy shop, I'm sure {but I don't remember!}

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  1. Loving the chevron top and leopard flats!
    I'm quite pale as well and I don't know about you but even though my arms and face can get tanned my legs never seem to want to change all! White legs it is.

  2. looking forward to following along with your journey here!

    xo em

  3. Hurray for fellow pale people. My brothers like to tease me that I can burn when it's raining so I attempt to avoid too much sun exposure at all.

    Love the outfit. You look great.

  4. love the outfit - chevron top is SO cute!

  5. You look fantastic! I know how you feel about being pale. ;) I bet those earrings are from Along for the Ride - I have the same pair! ;)

  6. Pale is the new 'in' thing! We don't want to look like that 'Tan lady' on the news. You look stunning, my dear!


  7. You look great. A fave of mine, the leopard print flats! My hubs says one of his favorite things about my physical appearance is that I have porcelain skin. Just because tan is the societal norm doesn't mean pale isn't beautiful too. Wear those white legs proud ;)

  8. I live in the land of the pasty and pale too, and I love it!

    These photos turned out great! Did your sister take them for you again?

  9. I'm a pale person too! And stay that way year round! I burn too easily and rarely tan. I just tell myself that I will have super good skin when I get old! I used to be so ashamed to wear anything where my super white legs showed - but I've learned to embrace it!

  10. I am so pale too! Love those great leopard shoes!

  11. Your skin will look AMAZING in 20 years! Love the blend of patterns ... Walmart is awesome! I just found you on the link-up at pippa

  12. I'm positively translucent so don't even worry lol

  13. OHHHHH! Chevrons and leopard!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  14. so cute! I say ROCK THE WHITE LEGS! Mine are so pale it looks like I have tights on and I have no intention of changing it! :)
    Thanks for the follow!!!

  15. I am a super pale girl too, and I love it :) Be proud of your beautiful skin!!!

    Loving your earrings. Such a subtle little addition to the outfit :)


  16. I'm pale always & get teased about it relentlessly! Love the outfit.

  17. So cute!!! Love that I'm not the only one who takes hand me downs from her bff :)

  18. Your pics are beautiful. After a dozen biopsies last year for skin cancer scares, I am happily pale :) I have never been much of a tanner, but being naturally pale and Swedish, I tend to get lots of sun spots.

  19. Yay for hand me downs, you look adorable and yay for being pale, you'll never wrinkle! :)

  20. Cute! I am painfully pale as well.

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