Friday, May 18, 2012

Etiquette & Other Random Blog Stuff

I've been blogging for awhile now, and I love it.
Seriously, people... my day doesn’t seem entirely complete until I hit that "publish" button or check in to see what my fave ladies are up to.
It's a nice little part of my day that I really enjoy!

I do believe there is a certain way you should behave as a blogger.
"Integrity" is the first word that comes to mind.
These are the rules I like to follow in order to stay true to myself and respectful of others. 

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
I don't believe in bashing other people's views, and there is a BIG difference between being constructive & opinionated and being mean. I have been extremely lucky so far… I don't think anyone has had anything hurtful to say to me. Everyone has been nice & unbelievably supportive… but I have witnessed it on other blogs and I don't like it. Stand up for what you believe in, sure! But don't go out of your way to belittle someone else's opinion. IF you do have a statement to make, don’t do it anonymously. I believe you should be proud of your opinion & be able to back it up. If you do take offense or have an issue with the author and/or a specific post, how about a personal email to discuss matters further? I have to admit, I have seen some people resolve their differences and get their points across very publicly in tactful ways and I've seen it done the wrong way too. Only once in the past year have I "unfollowed" someone because I didn't like how a matter was dealt with on their blog. So, let's keep it civilized & support each other!

Don’t follow just to gain giveaway entries.
This is a tricky one. I know we all love hosting giveaways and entering them… and numbers aren't why anyone of us are doing this… BUT, it is a little disheartening to see your numbers skyrocket and then go back down again after a giveaway is over. Many bloggers are making a living via their blog/shop and are working hard to promote their brand. I totally understand this! And that is why I will only "follow" a blog as a giveaway entry if I am interested in getting to know that blogger better or I'm genuinely interested in the product a shop is offering.

Be yourself, don’t be afraid to re-evaluate & give credit where it’s due.
Blogging should come naturally. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, it’s easy to be swayed into thinking you should be doing what THEY are doing to be considered a "blogging success." I routinely put blogging into perspective. What is important to me, what I want my blog to be about, are my readers getting to know the real me, etc. Of course, there are going to be millions of similar BUT different blog hops & linkies (kudos to those that come up with truly unique ideas!! It’s hard to do!!)… and that's totally okay. Just put your own spin on it, and always (always!) give credit where credit is due!!

When it comes to how much blogging I like to do... well, personally, I like to post every day because I like having new content for my readers to enjoy on a daily basis… but I don't necessarily WANT or HAVE THE TIME to write a post every single day. This is why I line up giveaways & guest posts at the beginning of the month… I can blog when I want about what I want… but I also know I have some exceptional bloggers with wonderful posts that are there when I need them! I have discovered many blogs/ new friends when they've guest posted... it's a beautiful thing!  And that brings me to my next point:

Sponsors. Treat them the way you would like to be treated.
Be up front about what sponsoring your blog is all about. For some, all you get is a spot on the sidebar, others offer guest spots and various other opportunities. As long as everyone knows what they're signing up for, you'll all be happy! Take a chance on the underdog, the newbie and smaller blogs. There are some wonderful blogs & shops out there just waiting to be discovered! I understand, as previously mentioned, that some of us are making a living from blogging (directly or indirectly) and I don't think you should be throwing yourself out there for nothing… but offering a spot or two for FREE is a great way for some blogs to gain exposure, that might not have the means to purchase ad space on the larger blogs! Give a little of yourself, and it will come back tenfold, I promise!

I think every post should have a photo. Even if it's just 1… it really brings the post to life. I especially like it when the size of the photos are consistent, and this is something I'm working on… the editing process take a bit longer, but it's so worth it in the end! This is totally superficial, though.  To each their own!

Be sincere!  Even a simple "hello!" is more sincere than "hi, come enter my giveaway!"... know what I mean?  Sure, I might check out your giveaway (duh!)... BUT, I'm more apt to follow back if you've introduced yourself!  Just sayin'
This is also something I'm working on.  I do try to introduce myself when I follow a new blog... and I don't hold a grudge if they don't follow back!

Have fun.
If it's not fun anymore, what's the point!?

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
My sister and I are going out for pedicures tomorrow, and then out to supper!
I can't wait!!

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  1. This is a great reminder, and you are so right, if it is not fun, why bother?

    I've recently started to think about what blogging means to me, it nice to introduce some structure to it all!

    Have a great weekend

  2. Agreed all accounts- except occasionally I'll skip the picture in a post but I feel like I post so many pictures in general that not having a picture in one post out of 15 isn't a big deal. You know what has been making me a little upset blog etiquette wise lately? Link-ups where people link up and then never visit any of the other blogs in the link up. I don't always have the time to visit every blog but I always make sure to visit the 5 or so in front of me and then behind me. I mean what's really the point of linking up if you're not going to hop around.

  3. Tell it girl! Feels good to get things off your chest sometimes! Enjoy your sister time getting pedis! :)

  4. I am very new to blogging (about three months,) but I really liked what you had to say here. I learned really quickly that I could either leave quick, meaningless comments on others' blogs, or I could go into more detail. Like most things in life, the less time consuming option was also the less fulfilling. So now I only comment on a few blogs a week, but I really try to make them more substantive.

    I totally am on board with respecting the person even if you don't respect the opinion or presentation. I used to teach college English classes which contain a lot of debate. My number one goal was to always teach the students to disagree with respect.

    That's all I really have to say. I like your blog -- and your tweets :-)

  5. Oh wow. A pedicure sounds awesome. Enjoy!

  6. Amen sister! And thanks for taking a chance on my small blog way back when!!
    Love ya!

  7. I totally agree with all of this! Sometimes I can't believe the comments I see left on people's blogs...really, you have to let the world know that you think that top makes that blogger look fat? Think of other people's feelings!

  8. Great points. There are so many talented women out there. I am learning so much. The most important thing to me is to be yourself, don't compare your blog to someone else's. It can be difficult much awesome talent out there!!! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your thoughts :) Diane @

  9. Good advice! I'm only a couple months in, so it's nice to read sincere advice, thanks!

  10. This is a wonderful post- all those things someone needed to put in words at sometime or another. I'm Mia, and I just got here from the blog hop. I live in Australia, I blog, bake and make, and love your blog. No need to even look at mine, but I know how gratifying it is to get a comment once in a while :)

  11. Thanks for the tips. I am a newbie and still learning, gathering all the tips and information for others that I can. Just visiting from the Blog Hop and am still following you. I would so love if you would share any of your awesome posts at Freedom Fridays. Hoping to see you there.

  12. Thanks for these tips. I think we all sometimes get so excited for followers or giveaways that we forget to be polite and spend some time really getting to know and appreciate each other. Found you via the blog hop. Cheers!

  13. So awesome! I am reading your blog a little more in depth while I am writing a small introduction about you for Grow.Swap.Share. You make such good points! And, I am so with you on following blogs and giveaway entries. I don't follow a blog unless I am actually interested in it, and I don't want anyone following mine unless they are going to enjoy it. Right on girl!

  14. Agreed, absolutely! I'd add that removing comment verification for a blogger is also good ettiquette, as it makes commenting easier for us followers. And having the ability to continue the conversation via email is great, too!

  15. So glad you linked up this post to the nine to five link up! Great tips! = )

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