Thursday, May 24, 2012

celebrating baby!

My sister is due in July with her second daughter, and I am so excited to meet my new little niece!
To celebrate, I treated her to a pedicure last weekend...
and dinner out!

It was sort of supposed to be a surprise, and I invited her in-laws to join us as well.
She didn't want or really need a "shower" for this baby... but I think every child deserves to be celebrated!

We went out to a local restaurant where my husband is the chef {so we knew the food would be amazing!} and had a really nice time chatting, eating, opening some presents... success!!

The reason there is a "question mark" cupcake is because we don't know the baby's name yet... Apparently they've narrowed it down to 2!  I'm very anxious to see what name they've chosen!

I'm really happy with how the afternoon & evening turned out... it was small, but really nice.
My sister is THE BEST ever, and is so deserving of a little pampering every now & then!

I am so thankful to have her & her new little family in my life!

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  1. Awwww... Thanks! I had a really great time! and Piper was over the moon looking at all the baby stuff when I got home :D

  2. I definitely see the family resemblance :) SO cute!

  3. Hope all goes well when the time comes Amanda...can't wait to hear the name! Where does Hubby work? I just thought he worked in the city! Facinating!

  4. You and your sister look SO much alike! Our family hasn't had a baby born in years and now two people are preggers and I'm loving planning their showers. Super fun!

  5. I think we're going to become aunties (again) around the same brother & sister-in-law are due July 3! Not only are they withholding their name choices, we also don't know if it's a boy or exciting!

    I'm also curious, where is your hubs a chef?? Would love to check out his resto some time!! :)

  6. well since we became twitter friends i thought i;d stop by and say hello =) i was already following you here on GFC, but thanks so much for hooking up via tweet!! love my new tweet friends!

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