Wednesday, April 18, 2012

working out

I'm on a misson.
Not only lose a few pounds...
But to get healthy AND, someday, make it through Level 3 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred!

Seriously, I've only done Level 1 three times now, and just about died!
It's getting "easier," but I cannot even imagine what Level 3 is like if Level 1 is like this!

The really sad part is that right now I'm wearing old jogging pants and whatever ratty old tee I can get my hands on!  It really isn't pretty.

My question is... what do YOU wear?
What should I be thinking about getting.
I want something cute... but comfortable.
I don't want to be tugging at anything while I'm working out, y'know?

I did order these shoes... and I'm really looking forward to getting them!
I promise to do an outfit post once I get myself set up with the right gear.
It'll also be nice to have a "before & after" post to keep track of my progress!

I have to add that the kids are a real hoot when I'm working out.
They're definitely great little motivators...
"Keep going Mommy!"  "You can do it, Mom!"
"Mommy, you look skinny already!"
"The lady says don't stop, Mommy!"

So, here goes nothing.
Wish me luck!!

And this is the best quote so far...
I need to keep repeating it to myself while she's torturing me working out!


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  1. That's great. i should get those videos. and looking cute while working out is crazy!! I just wear my p.j.'s!! And my baby thinks its fun when i do sit ups while he sits on my tummy.

  2. Love those shoes! I just wear an old t shirt and yoga pants when it comes to working out. It's a miracle if it actually matches. Your kids are too cute! It's like having personal trainers right there with you. Can't wait to see the outfit post!

  3. "Mommy, you look skinny already!" - best motivation EVER :) you have some great kids! i love the workout gear you posted, no better motivator than some new gear to lift your {workout} spirits!

    speaking of puking, fainting and dying, i almost did the first two the first time i did JM shred, lol :)

  4. I started doing the Shred back in January on top of my workouts at the gym and it's a beast!!!! I did finally get level 2 under control but I was also working my body too hard to I just stuck with my hour at the gym everyday and let Jillian and her not big enough sports bra go LOL. I've found that my typical workout outfit is some sort of tighter flared workout pants (I love any of the ones that suck your fat in!!!!)because some of my loser workout pants kept sliding down all the time...lamesauce! And other than that I usually wear a sports bra and a workout tank with a built in sports bra for extra support! Kohls is great for cheaper workout clothes that are still of decent quality-I have a lot of Fila and Tek Gear and it's great! XO Lori

  5. I need to get these videos too--or just start working out in general--
    Wyatt is almost a year old so I guess I can't call this "baby weight" anymore, lol.


  6. Im on level 2 and it is harder then level 1 which I miss. I wear legging and workout t-shit when i workout. I love those shoes.

  7. You're brave putting it out there. I've been working on something for the last 4 weeks (and have 3-4 more weeks to go) and I'm not posting until I'm done. Too nervous to admit it, LOL

  8. Level 3!! It's so hard!! I started doing the shred a few years ago before my wedding and it really worked. I am going to give it another go since I have put weight back on. It is really tough but the results come fast so it makes the pain worth it!

  9. I need to get back to that mission! UGH! Thanks so much for coming to the Sunday Social. I am your newest LF and so glad I have met you :)

  10. I swear by stretch black capris and extra long tank tops. Everything is held in place, and I don't feel like I look out of place. I probably own 3 or 4 pairs of black capris!

  11. I am scared....I am getting this from Netflix tomorrow. I've never done this workout before, so I have no idea what I'm getting myself into!

  12. Great videos love Jillian. those types of exercises are tough but you will be amazed on how much stronger you will become. As long as you stick to it and and give it your all. I personally like to work out in tight stretch capris and a tank top.

  13. I desperately need to start a workout routine again. You go girl!

  14. I did this awhile ago, and I really didn't think there was too much of a difference among the three levels. They are all somewhat difficult, but I actually think level 1 is hard- when she says, okay just do push-ups! And you're like, "That's it? Just do push-ups?" My little guy likes to grab my weights and say, "Look, Mom, I'm exdercising!"


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