Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Wore {Wedding Edition}

Today, Megan is celebrating her 7th wedding anniversary!
She has asked us all to link up our wedding day looks to help her celebrate!  Fun, right?

{Wishing you & your husband a lovely day... and many more years to come, sweetie!}

My wedding day took place on October 16, 2010... nearly 14 years to the day that I started dating my man.
To be honest, weddings aren't a huge deal to me.
I'm low-key and pretty private, so the idea of a huge wedding never appealed to me.

I thought the hubs and I would end up in Vegas someday and have Elvis marry us.  But on a whim, urged on my little sis, we decided to finally tie the knot!
Oh, and we only gave ourselves 8 weeks to pull it all together!
It was a beautiful day.
Small, intimate and perfect.

For what it's worth, I cannot for the life of me remember the designer's name for my dress.
All I know is that I got it off the rack for $300 and it fit! 
My shoes for $20 and I found them on Ebay!
The only accessories I wore was a ribbon in my hair for $30 and a $10 pair of earrings from Payless!

I did feel really pretty on my wedding day & that is what counts, right!?

This is what I wore...

I painted my nails dark, and used OPI's "Eiffel For This Color"

The other ladies in the wedding looked pretty darn good too!!
{they got their dresses, off the rack, at the same time as I got mine... it was fate}

The brooch on my sister's dress was found at the local "thrift shop" and it just added the right amount of sparkle she needed!

For anyone planning a wedding, this is proof that you can look good {if I do say so myself!} on a budget!

We're totally pimping out my brother-in-law's BMW here! Swanky!

So, what did you wear on your wedding day?
Or what did you wear that was totally fabulous to someone else's wedding?
Join in on the fun here!

{I edited these to look older! ha! 
They're actually quite bright & crisp IRL!}

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  1. Hawt! I love that dress. You look amazing!!

  2. so pretty and so simple! That's how I love it!! xo, Kristina

  3. I love it! I'm not into huge weddings either! My husban and I got married just the 2 of us in Hawaii. I'll be linking up to this a little later!

  4. I love your pics! I had a small wedding on a budget too and I think it was perfect!

  5. beautiful pictures!

    visiting form moms monday mingle:)

  6. these are great! I'm totally going to join up =)

  7. Hi,
    New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

  8. hi from the link-up. you looked great, i love the car shot of you checking your make-up. newest follower. :) have a great week.

  9. You were a gorgeous bride friend!! And your hair!! Your dress and of course your nails!! Love it! You got some great deals and yes, feeling beautiful is the most important. Plus Ruby looked like a princess!!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  10. Beautiful!! I love your hair.

  11. That's awesome that you got such good deals! I honestly can't believe what some weddings cost. :) And your dress and hair does look awesome. :)

  12. Hey blondie! Didn't realize that was even you!! You guys look so cute. and love the dress!

  13. You look great. I love the colors.

  14. Lena you look fabulous! Seriously jealous you pulled your dress off the rack and it fit. I had to order mine and get it fitted...but I bought it at a local bridal shop so the price was beyond reasonable. :)

    I love that picture of you looking in the car mirror. Super cute!

  15. Yay! So fun! You look GORGEOUS!

  16. Hot dang! You were a rockstar in that dress! XO

  17. Look at you in your blonde hair!?! Love it! Love your dress! My dress was off the rack too! :) Totally doable!

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