Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday 10


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Sneakers Over Stilettos

Thanks to her kickin' theme suggestion,
we get to share our
Favorite Movies
Amber and I are doing our favorite cheesy or embarrassing movies... you know the ones you LOVE but are *almost* afraid to admit... but feel free to link up any movie list you want!

Bride of Chucky, Napoleon Dynamite, Leprechaun, Cry Baby, Eight Legged Freaks
Little Shop of Horrors, Son in Law, Black Sheep, Rock n' Roll High School, Anaconda

Many of these are horror films... the cheesier the better, in my opinion! Nothing is better than a kinda lame & predictable scary movie!  The craziest one mentioned above is Black Sheep... by far the strangest concept for a movie I've ever seen!!

An awkward comedy like Son in Law never goes out of style either.  It's one of our faves.  Seriously, there's not many movies of Pauly Shore's that I don't like!  Don't judge!

Cry Baby... actually I'm not embarrassed by this movie. It's awesome.
Napoleon... classic.
Little Shop of Horrors... kicks ass, probably my fave musical!
Bride of Chucky... with a tag line like "Chucky Gets Lucky" how can you NOT love it!? Also, I love Jennifer Tilly and I'm so happy she voiced "Tiffany"
Rock n' Roll High School... a movie about an obsessed Ramones fan. ♥
Anaconda... I've seen this way too many times & that J-Lo before she was J-Lo is in it!
Leprechaun... another classic. This one lead to awesome sequels like Leprechaun in the Hood! I can't even make this stuff up!
Eight Legged Freaks... so bad it's good. And I love David Arquette {I so wish he would get back together with Courtney already!!}

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  1. I love cheesy horror too! That's a whole other list for me! :)

  2. Love your movie choices. Cry Baby is an all time favorite! I still refer to people as "hatchet" faces! LMAO
    Also I had one hell of a time with blogger this morn. So major issues on my post. No big!

  3. Oh how I wish I'd remembered to link up today! I have some AWESOME cheesey movie faves! lol

    I'm a closet Pauly Shore fan...Son In Law is hilarious, but my all-time favourite is Bio-Dome. If I'm having trouble falling asleep, I put it on and watch it often...lol!!

  4. ooh I need to see Rock n Roll High School!!

  5. I agree... the cheesier the horror movie is than the better it is!

  6. Oh my gosh! Black Sheep! I thought I was the only person who had seen that! Classic!


  7. You picked some really fun ones! Hubby and I watched a couple of the Leprechaun ones on St. Patricks for entertainment! I haven't seen the one in the hood though!! And Rock and Roll High school! Yah!!


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