Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday 10


Welcome to Tuesday 10...

Alisha from Don't Stop Believing is my co-host this week!
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Thanks to her wonderful theme suggestion,
we get to find out what
YOU would want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island!!
I gave this theme very careful thought!
Obviously, I would chose my family...
but let's just say for argument's sake that I was only stranded on this island for, like, a week...

I'd consider it a mini-vacation...
a slightly "Survivor-ish" holiday.

I would definitely bring...

A lighter
{there is no way I'd make fire any other way... even with this advanced 'technology' it might be a while before I figure out where to make the fire & what wood I should be using to burn!!}

A tent
Nothing fancy.
One of those cute pop-up type ones would be perfect!

Toilet Paper
Just because I do have certain standards. ;)

A book (or two) and half a dozen trashy tabloid magazines!
{I never get to read these at home! Might as well take advantage!}

A super cute bathing suit
that I would never DARE wear in front of anyone else!
And I could totally pretend I actually looked like this wearing it...

I doubt I'd even come back with a tan, I'm so pale!

A big stick
For protection against scary things that might live there!
I'm so not violent though, and would have no idea how to use a gun or a knife or a bow & arrow {Katniss I definitely am NOT!}

A week's worth of snacks
I'm going to assume there would be fresh water & fruit readily available.
I doubt I could catch anything, and I hate eating fish... so... 

A journal & pen
To jot down my adventures, thoughts and anything else I wouldn't want to forget

My camera
Of course!!

That's it!
I debated about the whole laptop/ smart phone thing and decided to pretend these would be worthless to me there!  I'd definitely miss those... and my mircrowave!!  ;)

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  1. It's interesting how much one has to set some sort of parameters on the deserted island situation! I struggled with that (hence my list).

  2. We both brought our cameras! That was a given right? ^_^

  3. Thanks for hosting Lena! I love love love that bathing suit. Oh my, do I love it. If I could just look like the model wearing it, all would be good! Ha!

  4. I strayed from the original Ten Things. Only because, if I were to be stranded somewhere I would probably die! So I did my ten favorite things! I still linked up...Thanks for hosting!!!

  5. So much fun!!! Had a hard time thinking of 10!!! Thanks for hosting a fun Tuesday 10!!!!

  6. Camera!! That's what I forgot! ;)

  7. love this link up idea - so fun!

    oh, that bathing suit is adorable! toilet paper is very smart... wouldn't have thought of that!


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