Friday, April 27, 2012


Who watches New Girl?
Do you remember the "McMouse" conversation this week's episode!?
"Nadia and Schmidt’s date is odd, conversation is difficult as proven by a very odd exchange between the two in which Nadia continually mentions liking McMouse, which Schimdt eventually figures out is Mickey Mouse, but not without a lot of yelling." {source}
Well, it totally rocked! 
I laughed so hard!
And it inspired this week's Fashion Friday post!

Kristen H.! Congrats!}
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  1. Bahahah! Yes, that conversation was so funny. I totally knew what she was saying when she held up her hands to make Mickey Mouse ears...I was also laughing SO hard at his conversation with Cici in the hospital! Love that show :)

  2. I was dyin when I watched this week's episode! Too freaking funny!! I had tears in my eyes! ;)

  3. There are so many cute Mickey Mouse shirts and outfits!!! Cute fashion boards. :) I love the yellow heels.

  4. I love the inspiration and the outfits! xo

  5. HAHA GREAT SHOW AND loveee the fashion!!! So cute!!

  6. Never seen the show but great outfits!! Hopped on over from Kori's Fashion Friday link-up.

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. I love New Girl, have linked up for the hop ;-) Cute Mickey outfits!

  8. I haven't watched that show...I like the inspiration though! The second look is my favorite.


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