Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Last Thing...

The Life of the Wife

In case you were wondering...

The Last Thing I Ate
a hot-dog for lunch.
(always seems like a good idea, but... yuck!)

The Last Thing I Bought
2 pairs of pants for Ruby at the local thrift shop!
Can't beat buying a pair of pants for $1

The Last Thing I Was Supposed To Do But Forgot
Buy croutons!
Hubby sent me specifically to the store for that, and I came back with 3 bags of groceries... no croutons

The Last Thing I Watched On TV
Last night's episode of American Idol.
LOVED the Queen songs they covered!

The Last Thing I Heard On The Radio
Jive Talkin' by The BeeGees ♥

The Last Thing I Did For Someone
Booked a pedicure for my sister!
She'll be nearly 33 weeks pregnant by then, and definitely deserves one!
(I'm totes getting one too!!)

Her basketball belly, taken a few weeks ago! My little niece is in there! :)

The Last Thing I Complained About
Probably laundry... it's never ending! The hubs is good at doing it, but I get stuck putting it all away!

I think this is a super fun linkup...
Come play along over at The Life of the Wife!

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  1. new follower! love this post!

  2. Why is it that a hot dog ALWAYS sounds good but then NEVER is?! Glad someone else sees it my way!! :)

    Thx for linking up darlin!

  3. i always forget to buy the one thing i went to the store for too! i always forget the milk lol

  4. funny how we can get distracted and forget the one thing we went to the store for!

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