Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I've got something to say...

This post is something I've been meaning to do for a little while now and I just haven't felt ready to put it into words.
There is no drama involved and it's no huge announcement or anything...
Just something I'll hope you'll understand.

First of all, like many of you, I work full-time.
"9 to 5"
Monday to Friday.
My workload is always steady, but I've recently taken on another "project" that will be taking a pretty big part of my day...
To keep up with my regular workload I will have absolutely no time for distractions.

Which means... less time to check in with you on the blog & Facebook & Twitter throughout the day.  Bummer!
Now, I would usually just sneak on around breaks at work to keep up with everything & everyone... but as I've mentioned in the past, our internet usage is monitored... and I'm really not one who likes to break the rules!  ;)
I'm all about efficiency & time management, y'know!

That being said, please don't fret if you message me or comment & I don't get back to you right away.  I will.  I promise!
I absolutely love the women I've gotten to know over the past year or so.
I just probably won't be getting back to you until after work.
{or on my lunch hour if you're lucky!!}

Ideally, I'll be doing my blogging in my "free" time... ie. AFTER the kids are in bed.

That's another thing I've noticed.
In order to keep up with my favourite blogs, sponsors, giveaways, guest posts, etc... I'm missing out on some valuable time with my kids in the evening & on weekends.
I've actually shooed them away & said
"Not now!  Mommy's working."
Um, no... I'm not.

I know many of you are full-time, working moms with successful shops & blogs... and I'm begging to know how on earth do you all manage it so effortlessly!?
(okay, I know it's not easy for any of us... but what words of advice can you throw my way!?)
I'm feeling a little lost lately!

I do not want to stop blogging.
That I know for sure.
It's a hobby that is all "mine"
{and there's not much else I get to do just for me!}

Which brings me to another point...
{anyone still reading!?}

I want to improve the content of my blog too!
I want to share more "me"... if that's possible.
And as much as I LOVE a good giveaway, I'm going to keep them at a minimum for the next few months.
They can be time-consuming to organize, and I sometimes get a little bummed out when I think that may be the *only* reason some of you are here.

I still cannot believe that my little blog has almost reached 600 GFCs!
Many of you have been around since the beginning and I love you so much!
There are a tons of "newbies" that are becoming quick friends too!
It's awesome!
Thank you!

I really hope you are here because you genuinely like me.
I hope you like what I have to say... or that you enjoy the photos I post... or that you value my opinion and feel safe enough here to express your own.

Does all this make sense?

In a nutshell, I'll be spending less time doing "blog stuff," but I'm NOT going away.
I hope improve on the content of this here blog 'o mine & share more personal posts.
I will always continue to support & promote my sponsors (have you checked out my sidebar lately! they rock!), and I'll still be engaging in the blogging community... just at my own pace.
I do hope you'll stick around!!

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  1. Keep it casual! Write for you. Don't worry about all the other stuff. The blog world revolves weather we are here or not, the good thing is that it's all right there in the archives and you can catch up anytime!! :)

  2. I totally understand! Do what you need to do! I've stepped back a little so I can focus on, you know, REAL life and I've noticed my pageviews have dropped a little - but it's totally worth the exchange. And a lot of us are going to stick around just because we think you rock! :) Best of luck with the new project!

  3. Well, you know I work freelance so I've gotten really good about time management. So I'll share what little advice I've gleamed regarding your questions.

    One, I only host one or two giveaways a month. I don't want people to read my blog for giveaways, and I also need to focus on the things that build my career more (acting, tv hosting, photography).

    Further, don't force yourself to respond to every comment, and every tweet - it's not humanly possible that's why big blogs have assistants and that is their full time job. And don't worry, the readers who enjoy your blog won't hold a grudge.

    Take advantage of bursts of productivity and creativity. When that happens to me I often write several posts at a time and just leave them as drafts to be filled in later with outfit shots that match or contrast the thoughts in the post. That way, you spend time with your family most days and only devote a fraction of your 'you' time to blogging. I'll often sit on my dinner break at work and write posts till my hearts content - that way I get all the family time I can when I'm home.

    Hope that helps. Maybe it doesn't, but that's all I got!


  4. Well you're stuck with me! I'm not going anywhere. I'm kicking myself that it took me so long to find you..but better late than never right?! You write for you, write when you have time and when you feel inspired. Those who love you will still be here!

  5. Ditto on what Joanna said. We will be here reading when you have something to say. I've been pretty wrapped up on my bloggy world too, so I get it. Since I stay home that means messy house, mountains of laundry, grilled cheese for dinner. Don't know how you do it!
    Just keep blogging!
    Love ya!

  6. I'm right there with you on this! I'm a full time teacher. I have so much going on at school and sometimes even after school. Then I often have to work on orders for my Etsy shop, plus work on my blog! So much to keep track of that it seems so hectic at times! I try to set time limits for what I can do, but sometimes I get sucked in too easily. Lately I've been making lists and scheduling things out in a planner and that has helped so that I have a purpose when I sit down at the computer. And I'll still be here reading even if you're not around as much! ;)

  7. if anyone manages to do all of this effortlessly, i'd love to know how too!!! i feel like i'm always playing that "what's more important right this minute game" and never really sure if i'm picking the right thing. even with working a "real job" ten or so hours less a week, i don't feel like i have much more time, though i am glad that i get to see my girls for a bit longer in the morning. i've been trying lately to really focus on what i want to do with my blog/etsy shop long term and try to make decisions that support my long term goals (as opposed to just jumping in and agreeing to basically everything). it's tough, especially when you have a lot of readers who rely on you for advice and to answer questions and help them out with blogging, etc. while i love being a helpful blogger, i need to remember that my family (and me!) come first. well, there's my not helpful at all comment ;) XO

  8. ooh, and thanks to the always lovely Joanna for the tips!

  9. Keep up the good work and always do what is best for your family. That is all that matters, everything else is cake. I will look forward to your posts, whenever they will be! xxoo-Kim

  10. I stay home so it's a little easier, I only blog during my daughters nap time when I should be doing other things like laundry and cleaning my house, and I'm so guilty of checking my phone for emails and Facebook updates, seriously I need to cut it out! I couldn't imagine working full time and blogging. I just couldn't do it, so good for you! Blog whenever you feel you have time. It's better to have fewer quality posts then a bunch of posts that aren't that great.

  11. I totally relate. I'm with you no matter what you do. I'm trying to keep up and stay focused on what I need to do at home but failing everyday. I try my best to do it all but it's not working for me. I am always inspired by others who take the step back and make the change.

  12. Best of luck as you shift priorities. I go against the grain in most the things I do. My blog grows slowly because of that but it's cool with me because it grows organically. Take care. xo

  13. Thank You for sharing the realities of being a full time mom,worker and blogger. I think there is nothing wrong with toning back on the blog world. It will only make your posts more meaningful and special!

  14. I agree with Kendall (not me, but the person who posted before me). This will make your posts more meaningful. I liked reading joannas tips- sometimes I write more than one post in a day too. That way I can still post often and have my family time.


  15. I say write about what makes you happy :) That's all that should really matter!

  16. Ditto on what everyone said...I've been with you since the beginning and I'm not going anywhere. I blog before work. Family time is not interrupted and I do what. I can when I can. Ilove the friends I've made as well but family and work first, right? Lots of love to you and email me if you need ANYTHING!

  17. I think you do an amazing job and no you will continue to do just that! Don't worry love we will all be here "stalking" you :) Hugs and love!

  18. I can relate, juggling everything isn't easy and there are times when I have to not post or slack behind. We'll all still be here :) It's not easy and it's usually women that have to push harder to do everything, but you can do it and make sure you take some time out for yourself :) Have a wonderful week :) xx

  19. I understand...sometimes blog land overtakes 'real world'...I hear you on the work front too...I'm a full time teacher and have so many things I like to do...usually it's a constant compromise. A fun one, but still a compromise. I don't think anyone who reads your blog would expect them to put themselves before your kids, family and job. I will still read and really enjoy your posts...the giveaways are nice, but not necessary.

    Rosie xxx
    Bug supportive squeeze. x

  20. I totally get it, Lena!! It's SO hard and I feel like I'm in the exact same boat as you. We'll still be here and checking in even if you don't have giveaways and/or time to respond to each adn every one of us!

  21. I hear ya sista! Blogging is definitely a balancing act! I have no great advice, because I to have told my kids "No, I'm working"(what?!?). But I think that I have to remember it is a hobby and just take it day by day and not try to "keep up with the jones's"(or the other bloggers out there in this case). That's my biggest problem..just being happy where my little blog IS at and with what my little blog IS. It's hard to remember sometimes!
    Keep your chin up!

  22. I have no idea how you do it! I don't work outside of the home and I still feel like sometimes I can't keep my head above water! I am not even a "big" blog but time management can be tough. Lately, I have been just taking a step back, taking the weekends off (mostly) and only writing when I really have something to say or to share.

  23. Hey...I just have to say thanks for sharing...its definitely NOT easy and I'm not a widely followed blogger either!! It's tons of work...AND you work full time with kidS!!! I have one child i'm in the army reserves and thats it....its me and my blog...You are amazing...I love reading your blog you are one of my everyday must-reads :)
    anyhow...it's what most people are saying...you are doing the right thing by stepping back....reassess...take a break...enjoy life and the content will flow right in!!! plus the time with the little ones will be a nice change of pace :)

    Good luck in everything you do and thanks for being you!! !:)


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