Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easy Editing!

Picnik is no more... as of April 19th, it's been gone.
And guess what!?  I'm surviving.
More than that... I'm actually excited!
About Picmonkey!

I'm totally in love with this editing site.
It's easy and so much fun to use.

I was going to do a tutorial, since many of you have asked me about what I use to edit my photos... but it's really very simple. 
Just pull up a photo you want to play around with, and experiment!
If you're like me, you'll see that you go back to the same presets over & over again just because they rock and they help you achieve the style that is "you."

For example, check out this original photo of me watching my niece playing with some sidewalk chalk....

By cropping it just a tad & using the Film Stock "Tri-X" preset
along with a little Fancy Focus (I chose Piper as my focal point), it becomes this:

I love the simplicity & rawness of this shot now!

I decided I wanted to try another look...
so I went with the Dusk preset {one of my faves} with the same Fancy Focus on Piper..

 What a difference, right?
The best part is you really don't have to be a professional to figure it out!
I could spend hours on there tweaking my shots and never get bored.

Have you tried it out?
I think once they get a "collage" option it will be PERFECT!

What photo editing sites are you using since Picnik left!?

I'm linking up the last shot over at Our Reflection's weekly challenge:

Our Reflection Photo Challenge

{I know I'm cheating a bit, the post is supposed to only contain one photo, but "technically" it is just one, right? Have you linked up yet? There are some great entries and Laura is always kind enough to offer prizes for first, second & third place winnings!}

While you're there checking out the photo challenge, take a peak at my guest post/giveaway from yesterday too!!

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  1. New follower from Saturday Blog Hop! Love the pics on your blog.

    Stop by and visit my blog when you can! Also hosting first ever blog hop tomorrow. Hope you can link up!

  2. I was a total picnik junkie, and i love picmonkey now too!! so much fun, i love editing(errr, overediting..) my pics! :)

  3. I love pic monkey since it came out! :) never really used picnik i thought it was too crowded in the layout unlike pic monkey. :)

  4. I just posted about PicMonkey a couple days ago- I love it too! There is a way to do collages... you have to load a picture and then cover it up with a white rectangle and save that white rectangle as a template to add your photos to to do a collage. Go to Overlays, and then at the top 'Your Own'.

    Following you back from Mom's Monday Mingle blog hop. Thank you for joining us! :) Jessica @

  5. I've been using fotoflexer, but I might check out pic monkey too! I LOVE the "retro" effect on fotoflexer. The picture in my blog header was retro-fied! :)

  6. I've been using fotoflexer, but I might check out pic monkey too! I LOVE the "retro" effect on fotoflexer. The picture in my blog header was retro-fied! :)

  7. New Follower from the Mom's Monday Mingle Blog Hop!

  8. Beautiful..I need to check this site out!! x

  9. I love PicMonkey! This pic is so fun!


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