Monday, April 9, 2012

4 Rockin' Ladies you must meet!

How was everyone's weekend?
We had a great one!
I'll be back tomorrow for my Easter recap...
Tuesday10 is all about Easter tomorrow!
I hope you'll link up!

I'd like to introduce a few ladies to you this morning!
They are the ladies behind those big 'ole large sponsor ads you see on my sidebar, and they're great!
The best thing about blogging is meeting new people & friends, am I right?
I hope you'll take a moment to get to know them a little and show 'em a little love!

I've asked them to introduce themselves and share their favorite blog posts with you!


Hi, I'm Megan from Shaping Up To Be A Mom! I blog about all things fashion, fitness, family, musical theatre, decorating, and lots more! I live with my husband and two little ones in a small town in southern Arizona, where I'm mostly a SAHM, but I also work professionally as a freelance director/choreographer for local theatre companies and schools. I also sell shoes and fashion accessories for Cents of Style. Hope you'll stop by and say hi!

Wow, it was hard to choose a favorite post from 4 years of blogging, but I'll go with this one: This post shows how I transformed some of the rooms in my home, and is part of my ongoing "Shaping Up...Home Edition" series!

Visit her shop, and use promo code 0512 for 10% off & free shipping!

{pssst! Megan will be back later this week with a guest post & giveaway!!}


Hi, I'm Laura from Our Reflection!  I'm a full-time working mom of two beautiful daughters and wife to an admirable, encouraging husband who are my life.  When I'm not working my 8-5 or being "mommy," I'm a lifestyle photographer based in California.  I am, regrettably, a bit addicted to social media.  I have a constant connection with Facebook and Twitter where I am.  I heart Starbucks {it's my weakness}.  I love the colors pink and yelllow.  I have a passion for mountain biking and would LOVE to learn how to play the piano {on my bucket list}. 

 My favorite recent post... One CAN make a difference

Hi! I'm Amanda, blogger-mommy at Life, Experience Needed. I started my blog a year ago to write about my kids and our lives. It's, simply, my version of life and motherhood.  

I don't have one particular favourite post, but I do have a favourite series of posts I've done; our family's visit from Dash, our Christmas Elf. It was a lot of fun writing these posts and had a blast seeing my son, Lynden, witness Christmas magic. 


I'm Kara,!  I'm a 20-something collge sutdent who loves crafting!  I started The Snugly Duckling so that I could share my ideas in the community and really get to know more about y'all. I've made great friendships through the blogosphere already and I can't wait to meet everyone else!  Don't be afraid to introduce yourselves!

This is my favorite post!
"It was my first real DIY pinterest inspired post!"


They totally rock!

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