Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday 10


Welcome to Tuesday 10...

Jen from Queen Bee's Hive is my co-host this week!
Be sure to show her a little love! ♥

Thanks to her wonderful theme suggestion, we're talking

It's such a wonderful time of year... everything is fresh, and bright & new!!
I can't wait to see what colors are inspiring you guys this season!

I've decided to share  
10 Ways to Wear my Newest Color Crush...
This Spring, I'm all about

a maxi dress
a cute gold & mint necklace
an embellished scarf
a mint bowling bag!!
a pair of wedges (my go to shoe!)
a pair of flast (a girl can never have too many!)
mint nail polish
a funky bracelet (is there anything cute that mint & baby pink!?)

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  1. Now I really want some mint it my life Lena!

    Love Sarah
    Sew now we are four

  2. I have those trousers... Weoll a slightly lighter pair but still fantastic all the same :D

  3. I love mint... I love colour. I love that Spring means more colours available! I'm kind of a coat of many colours kind of girl.

  4. I love mint! What a great color for this spring!

  5. Have you seen Atlantic Pacific's outfit today? http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.ca/2012/03/spearmint.html

  6. Oh I love that color! If I was a shade darker than see-thru translucent white I could totally wear it. Ha! I hope you have a great Tuesday and thanks for hosting!

  7. That color is so pretty! I think I need a new wardrobe.

  8. mint is my new obsession - love it!

  9. I love that we practically picked the same color :) LOVE that handbag!! Thanks again for having me as co-host!

    Jen-Queen Bee's Hive

  10. I wish I could WEAR those trousers. I'm sure the purse would be in my size as well as the flats, scarf and necklace. I love this color...but I guess I'm more of a jewel tone kinda gal...I went red today. Hope you can find it in your sweet "red" heart to forgive me :)

  11. Lovin' the mint!
    I'm linking up a bday photo bomb and your in post ad is at the bottom! It will also be linked with InstaFriday!
    Love ya!!
    Thanks for hosting!!

  12. Love the schedule!! THANK YOU!! I've been wanting to do this for awhile and now I think I just might be able too :) Didn't make it this week though...

  13. Oh, I LOVE mint! It's so fresh and so clean, clean! ;)

  14. Oh I love that color! The things you chose are pretty too.

  15. Mint is one of my faves for spring as well!

  16. Loving all the shades of blue and greens that are popping up. Love the mint. So fresh.


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