Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday 10


Tuesday is here again,
and I'm super excited to welcome Laura from Our Reflection as my guest host this week!! 

{every week, I encourage you to suggest a Tuesday 10 "theme" and if your idea is chosen, you get to be my co-host for that week's linkup!} 

This week our "theme" is 
10 Favorite Photos


As many of you know, I just recently invested in a new camera...
and although I haven't has as much time as I'd like to play around with it, I thought I would share my most recent fave photos taken with it!


We really  hope you'll grab a button & link up!

Just a reminder that ANY Tuesday 10 is more than welcomed...
you don't have to be doing the "theme!" It's just a prompt to get the ideas flowing!


Next week, Megan from AbsoluteMommy will be my guest host... and we'll be linking up our Tuesday 10 lists all about...

Don't be shy! If you have a suggestion for a Tuesday 10 theme, let me know!
If I choose your theme, you get to be my co-host for the week!!

I was so impressed by last week's turnout of nearly 30 linkups, that if we reach at least that many linkups this week, I will be giving away a 
Medium Ad Space for April
That's a 200x100 spot on my sidebar for the entire month!
I ♥ my sponsors!

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  1. I deviated from the theme this week but am very excited about next week's shoe theme!!

  2. Great job Lena!!! I want my new camera!!!!

    Thanks for joining Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop!

  3. HI! I discovered this blog party last week and just had to join in this week :) Such a fun idea! Cant wait to see everyone's favorite pictures. I love your pic of the puzzle with the little hand! So sweet! Thanks for hosting!

  4. LOVE your pictures girlfriend!!!!!!
    Way to rock the new camera!
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Thanks for hosting Lena! I love your pictures, I wish I could take good...ok even decent...pictures. Ha! Have a great Tuesday.

  6. I am a photographer of my own nature. So this was perfect for me. Always anticipate tuesdays since I started blogging. Love yours posts.



  7. I love the composition in your shots.

    And your cat could be my cats twin. Identical twin. Is he lazy too?

  8. Your photo game is on Lena! Love the images you get of yourself in a creative way.

  9. I love your photos! Especially the one with the Barbie. Its so quirky and cool!

  10. You are so talented!! What kind of camera do you use? My pictures are simply crap. I really wish I could figure out how to take decent photos!

  11. I'm sorry it took so long for me to link up! I'm #25! And can I also request a copy of the "doll" print as well as the glasses? YOu rock lady! These are great pics!

  12. Gorgeous pics Lena, as always! LOVE the doll one.

  13. Lena,
    I love your photos. They are breathtaking. I really love the sun glasses one.

  14. Hi, first time linking up here. I found you when one of the blogs I 'follow' linked up and decided to join in. I'm in New Zealand, so it's Wednesday here, but I had so much fun looking at old photos of my kids!

  15. I love all your photos. Love the colors and crispness to them all. :)

  16. Love that photo on your button.Thankx for the link up.It's inspiring me to blog again...slowly but surely.

  17. What great photos and a fun theme this week!

    I want to suggest a theme of a color...how about Yellow for spring? Or red could nice or teal.. you get the point :)

    Jen @Queen Bee's Hive

  18. these photos are awesome Lena, I'd say you most certainly have the hang of that new camera!!!


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