Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Spring means I get to look forward to....

Wellies, slickers & umbrellas.
{or as I usually call them:
rubber boots, raincoats &... umbrellas! lol}

I don't mind though...
it's means
1) the snow is gone {or going away}
2) and I get to sport some cute rain gear!

And there's tons of it out there!
I own a pair of red polka-dotted wellies & a polka-dotted umbrella
{notice a theme!?}
But I'd love to invest in a proper rain jacket this year... and maybe upgrade my boots!
They come in every color & every pattern imaginable!
Source: via Lena on Pinterest

Seriously, why should we complain about the rain when it gives us such a great excuse to look cute!?
And we all know how fun it is to splash around in puddles!
It's the little things like this we need to remember on a rainy day!

What sort of rain gear are you sporting this year!?
Do you think I should go for a solid coloured rain boot...or a funky pattern!?

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  1. I have a bright yellow pair of rain boots and love them... may need to pick up a hounds tooth raincoat to go with, though. Loving the umbrellas.

  2. oh i can't decide if i'd want those polka dot boots or the flower boots more! SO fun!

  3. I love patterned rainboots! I have zebra with a pink lining and I love them! I might just need to get myself a little raincoat this year though.

  4. I love the rainy season- hopefully it will come to Japan soon and say goodbye to the snow!

  5. I bought my first pair of rubber boots since I was a kid on Friday! See, I never wore winter boots or rubber boots - just my shoes, all year round. But this past winter, I finally gave into living in Canada, and bought not one but TWO pairs of winter boots. When the weather turned nice and things got muddy, that's when I realized I didn't want to ruin my nice clean "indoor shoes" (I feel like I'm back in grade school!!) - so I went to Walmart on Friday and bought a pair of brown-and-pink plaid rubber boots. And I love them. :)

  6. I have my eye on a pair of rainboots at JC Pennys that have my very favorite thing on them - anchors! They are so cute. I'm just afraid to purchase them and then never wear them!

  7. Love me some slickers! It rains all the time in Seattle so you know, rain gear is awesome. Mine are black with different colored paisleys ...

  8. Love me some slickers! It rains all the time in Seattle so you know, rain gear is awesome. Mine are black with different colored paisleys ...

  9. I LOVE rain gear, as in embarrassingly love it! I need to replenish my stock but my fave piece still has to be my Rodarte for target rain coat I got a few years makes me almost wish for rain, almost. Xo Lori

  10. I have polka dot rainboots that I LOVE, but they are sort of inappropriate to wear to work and that's a big bummer. I did buy a purple raincoat last year though and I LOVE it!!!

  11. Oooh, stick with a funky pattern!! I need to get myself a cute pair of rain boots!

  12. It could rain everyday if I was able to wear some of this adorable rain gear!!! Those polka rain boots - I need them.

  13. It depends on what the rest of your stuff is like. If you have a lot of patterned stuff go for plain boots.
    If your clothes are plain colours go for patterned.

    I have the greatest cow print wellies but they are starting to crack slightly after goodness knows how many years so I am going ot have to be looking for new ones soon :D


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