Saturday, March 24, 2012

Something Sweet

I absolutely adore Laura over at Our Reflection, and look forward every week to taking part in her photo challenge!!
This week's theme is "Something Sweet" and although I'm a little late to the party {already some wonderful submissions!} I just knew I had the perfect shot to add to the party!

Ruby LOVES candy.
She's got a wicked sweet tooth, so I knew she'd love to "model" for me this week!
{hey, she got candy out of it, didn't she!?}

I chose to edit it to look an old photo.
This could TOTALLY have a been a picture of me... 30ish years ago!
Kid + Candy... well, that's been a sweet spot for all of us, has it not!?

Are you linking up?

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  1. she's a doll! And that lolipop looks pretty yummy! I'm taking Henry to the candy store today - I might wish I'd waited to link up until after the trip - I'm totally taking my camera lol.

  2. the picture is really great and the lollipop looks yummy <3

    x the cookies

  3. Lena - think you might win again ;-)

    Love Sarah

  4. Everything about this picture is sweet!! Your daughter has an amazing smile too!!

  5. fantastic photo lena! composition is great, exposure looks dead on :) yay!
    don't you love when it all comes together! :)

  6. Great job! Love the bokeh!



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