Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ruby, for a day

Ever wonder what it would be like to switch places with one of your kids for a day?
I thought it would be a fun to imagine a day as my little girl... 

My day would start with Mommy waking me up really early {you see, 7:00 is a totally reasonable time to be out of bed on the weekends, but during the week!? What is this crazy lady thinking!?}
She usually turns off my night light, opens the curtains and says something like "mornin' sunshine!" or "wakey, wakey, eggs & bakey!"... that last one always make me giggle a little, but it's not enough to actually make me get out of bed!  I usually wait until she comes over and tickles me a little.  Got to make her work for it!  ;)

Before even going downstairs, I get dressed.  If Mommy has picked out anything that is NOT a dress, I get a little cranky.  Depending on Mommy's mood, sometimes I get my way... but mostly she wins. I wish I only had dresses, though.  Hundreds of them! Sparkly & twirly ones are the best!!  But my mom keeps buying me these things called "skinnies" that she says are comfy AND cute.  I'm not sure sure.  As long as we can compromise and I can wear something pretty in my hair, I'll wear the darn things!
Breakfast.  Can I have ice cream? Ha!  I wish!
And what? She expects me to eat BEFORE we need to leave?
But I wanna watch Spongebob... 'sigh'
Mommy drops me off at daycare early enough.  Instead of walking me to my room, she lets me stand on her feet and we turn into a two-headed robot... I love doing that!  I always give Mommy a big hug & kiss before she leaves {oh! I always try to make her feel a little guilty about going to work too... I do that sooooo well!!}
Truth is, I totally love daycare.  All my friends are there and I hardly get any time-outs anymore!  They have the best food too!  I hate naptime, though.  They tell me I only have to "rest" not actually sleep, but I don't wanna.  Total bummer.
Mommy picks me up after she's done work at her office and I tell her all about my day before we get home... I know once I get home, I'll forget because I'm usually pretty excited to see my big brother Memphis by then!

Daddy makes supper because Mommy is a crappy cook. Oops, don't tell Mommy I said "crap," okay?  "Crap" is a bad word so I shouldn't say "crap."  "Crap" is bad.  {I totally like repeating words I'm not supposed to say! ha!}
After supper, I get to play a little before bath & bedtime.  At some point, I'll usually get into Mommy's shoes or nail polish or jewelry... without her permission.  I don't care if I get in trouble, I just can't wait to  be a real grown-up lady someday!!
Speaking of bedtime... I'm such a big girl now.  I used to hate going to bed by myself... it was scary.
But now, Mommy lets me pick out a few stuffed animals to sleep with and a book that she'll read to me.  It's really nice!  She kisses my forehead and puts extra kisses in my hands.  I tuck those under my pillow when she leaves so I know that I'm not alone.  I think I'll dream about unicorns & mermaids tonight.  They're my favorites!

Rough life, eh?
Ah, to be young again...

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  1. This was the cutest post yet! Totally made my morning and day. :)


  2. So adorable! I'm glad she doesn't have timeouts anymore! :)

  3. How sweet!! She is quite a doll, Lena! lol, crap. If that's the worst of it you are lucky!! :) xox

  4. What a great perspective! I think we might look at our kids differently if we took the time to stop and look through their eyes. ^_^

  5. Awwww, that is so cute!!! :)

  6. hahaha!! This post totally reminds me of this one that I wrote:

    It's something only us moms can understand ;)

  7. This is so cute :) Ruby is in my top five all time favorite names for a little girl!

  8. This is so great!

    My son LOVES repeating the word he can't say either...
    "Mom, I can't say _________, right?' I know that I can't say ______________" and on and on. So funny!

  9. Lol she has the life! And is adorable :)


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