Monday, March 26, 2012

a pinteresting post

I did it.
I deleted most of my Pinterest boards this morning.
It's something that has been on my "to do list" for awhile now, so I was happy to accomplish that task before I even showered this morning!! I was on a roll!
{I still need to do a good FB "friend" sweep... I haven't gotten to that yet!}

To be honest, it was bittersweet.
I loved Pinterest.
I was smitten from the beginning!
We've all heard the recent controversy, and although Pinterest has responded with amended terms & policies, I'm really not good with "fine print."  The whole thing is really started to freak me out, and the only thing I know for sure is that I do NOT want to get sued!  And I definitely wouldn't want my photos/ideas pinned without being credited either.  Not fair. Not cool.

After a little reflection, I realized that I don't even visit Pinterest as much as I used to.
All those DIYs & recipes I pinned... guest what!?  I never made them! Ha!
It's been ages since I actually "repinned" anything I've seen n there either.
Bascially it was turning into just one more way to waste time on the web... :(

If you want to "follow" me somewhere... Facebook, Twitter,  Hellocotton & Bloglovin' are social networking tools I absolutely LOVE! {you can find all my links on my sidebar!}
I think these are great resources for my little blog!
{Google+ and Linky Followers, on the other hand, are on their way out for me too, I think...}

If you were paying attention, you probably noticed I mentioned deleting "most" of my boards.  I did keep one.  I like to pin the Polyvore sets I create when I'm bored {see! another way I waste time online!!} and I find they are easier to import into a blog post & work with when I pin them first.  I don't *think* I could get sued for these, right?  And I like to sometimes pin the giveaways I enter... it's a good way to keep track of them!

all that's left!

For now, my account is still active.  If any mega changes happen and I feel it's safe to return, I won't have to start all over.  Plus, I can still follow my faves and get some good ideas WITHOUT breaking any laws or stepping on any toes!  Let's be careful of our pins, and give credit where credit is due!

What is everyone else doing?
Anything similar to Pinterest out there?

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  1. I deleted my Pinterest board this week also. I'm playing around with using Springpad to store ideas - you can set everything to private and create 'to do' lists and different folders. Haven't used it enough yet to know if I'm going to like it, but giving it a shot.

  2. I've been debating get rid of my pinterest account too, now I think I might!

  3. when i found pinterest i was was bad, but now i barly use it...and now im a little nervous, i need to check out these new rules! the facebook friend sweep is the best haha!
    xx Kelly

  4. This is the first I'm hearing about the Pinterest stuff... thanks for the info! I will have to sweep through both Pinterest and FB and slim things down.

  5. I love FB friend sweeps. It's refreshing! I'm contemplating ditching the Linky Followers app too. It doesn't seem to be taking off as well. Hellocotton seems to have won the battle royale of blog following. I'm confused though... why is everyone ditching GFC? Don't they still allow Google/Blogger peeps to follow? It seems most of my readers are on G+.


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