Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mid Week Muddle

So, I checked... and "muddle" is a real word.


1. To mix up in a confused on bungling manner; jumble
2. To cause to become mentally confused
3. To cause to become confused or stupid with or as if with an intoxicated drink
4. To make muddy or turbid, as water
5. To mix or stir (a cocktail, chocolate, etc.) 

Now, the point of today's post is NOT to mentally confuse you, get you dirty or drunk.
I just have a lot of things I wanted to cover today. ;)

So here it goes!

They totally rock!
I hosted/co-hosted 2 so far this week and they were very successful!  They are awesome ways to keep up with the blogs you already love AND discover new ones!  Win-win!

Laura, Megan and I put together a Hellocotton Blog Hop and there is still time to link up!
If you're not on Hellocotton, you don't know what you're missing!
It's a fabulous way to follow bloggers!  I'm LOVING it!

Yesterday, I hosted my weekly Tuesday 10
and asked Salena to join me as co-host...
the theme was 
What's In Your Purse?
and it was so, so, so much fun!

Next week's theme is 10 Favorite Photos
{they can be photos of you, your family, photos you took, some of your favorite photographers & their work... the possibilities are limitless!  And you don't have to stick to the theme... any list of "ten" is more than welcomed!!}

{Movie Reviews}
I've seen a couple of good movies lately...
and a really, really bad one.

I don't think any of these are "new" and some of you have probably seen them, but if you haven't seen 
Real Steel or Attack The Block yet, you definitely should!

Real Steel is a great family movie. The hubby LOVED it!  Boxing Robots. Does it really get any better than that for a guy?  And let's face it, Hugh Jackman is kind of a selling point for us ladies, am I right?
It was also nice to see Evangeline Lily again... I miss LOST.

Attack the Block is destined to be a cult classic {that is if it hasn't reached that status yet}, for good reason.
I've been hearing about it for a few months, and finally caught it this weekend.  Basically, it's a bunch of British teenagers saving their block from an alien invasion... 
The aliens are these weird gorilla/hound things with glowing mouths.
Ha! Have I lost you?
Seriously, though... I loved it.
If you like comedy/horror/sci-fi AND Bristish accents, you'll love it too.

And now, a movie I recommend you do NOT see

Bad Teacher. Seriously. So bad.
I don't think I even giggled.  It was a complete waste of a very precious 92 minutes of my life.
Don't see it.

{What I Wore}
I'm horrible at taking outfit pics lately, but I did wear two tops that were worthy of a quick shot or two.

I love my new $5 Walmart tee.

and my $10 'bird blouse'
so pretty!

Guess I'm really into 'animal prints' right now... ;)
Linking these up with the letter 4 for the very first time!
Hopefully I can come back stronger next week!


A few other notes before I leave you...

Friendly Friday is postponed for this week, but will be back soon!

To thank you for putting up with this extra-long-muddle-of-a-post
I'd like to offer you a little something!

{Giveaway Time!}

TWO of you will win
MEDIUM ad space (200x100) for April
{includes sponsor highlight post & opportunity to guest post}
a photography print of your choosing!
{either 1 of these 3 OR you could "commission" me to do something a little more your style... I thought it would be a fun way to practice my photography!}

Winner will be announced Friday!

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  1. Love the top your wearing with the birds, so pretty!! And thansk for the reviews, I knew that Cameron Diaz movie would be crap, good to see someone else thought so too :) x

  2. i LOVE the bird blouse - where did you score that? i need one :)

  3. I watched about 15 minutes of Bad Teacher before I just turned it on. Ick! Your review definitely makes me want to see Attack the Block though, I love movies like that.

  4. I don't care for birds but I love that top on you and the shot. This is cool and I loved this post! :)

  5. You look great! PLEASE tell me where you got the bird blouse?!

  6. Just saw "Warrior" and really enjoyed it. We also went to see "This Means War" -- pretty funny!

  7. Would love to add one of your prints to my art wall!!

    I watched attack the block last night, and while I am not sure if I was suppose to, but found it kinda funny and loved it!

  8. Oooh, I already have a project in mind for you! =)

    I love your shirts!

  9. also havng an animal in the wardrobe fetish right now so luuuuuuuurve this!


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