Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Last Thing Thursday

 Linking up with Jenna for the very first time for Last Thing Thursdays!

The last thing I

Read... the latest issue of Glamour.
I have not picked up or read a magazine in ages!
I couldn't resist... the countdown to Katniss is so on! 

Heard on the radio... Backstreet's Back.
(it was a lunch hour call-in show... always the most random requests!)

Ate... the hubby's homemade chicken noodle soup.

Took a picture of... my new blog planner from Digger!

Bought... a weekly pill organizer from the $1 store
(both hubs & Memphis are on daily meds, and I like to keep everyone orgainzed!)

The Life of the Wife


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  1. So excited for The Hunger Games!!!

  2. that planner is so pretty!!!! you got it from Digger??

    a pill organizer is not a bad idea..there are some mornings where I leave for work wondering if I took my daily meds as hasn't kicked in by then :)

  3. Hunger Games but over here! I'm so excited!! Thanks for linking up! You are my favorite!! :)


  4. Bought my Hunger Game tickets a few weeks ago. SO excited!!

  5. Seriously is that Glamour only available in Canada? I can't find it anywhere! If it's Canada only paypal me shipping and cost of magazine, please! I'm TEAM PEETA, but I adore Katniss!!

  6. Read Glamor...have you seen People. Drank the Koolaid and took my daughter's advice and read the book...actually listened to the audio book. She was right when she told me to read Twilight...listened 10 times...and she's right about this book too. March 23 is my birthday...maybe I can guilt my husband into taking me to see the movie. oh planner...hmmm....I need that!

  7. Love The Planner! :) I get so excited with I see people taking picture of them. lol I know, I'm a nerd. hehe At least I'm a self-proclaimed nerd though. :) How is it working for you? Anything you'd like added? taken away? in version 2?

    All The Love My Friend,


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