Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello! {and a scavenger hunt!}

A big welcome to all the new friends that have stopped by from the HUGE Our Reflection Giveaway!
I'm so happy to have you here!  Please, don't be shy! Leave a comment or send me a message to let me know where I can find you!
I love meeting new friends and discovering new blogs!

 In other news, in an effort to get creative and improve my photography, I'm linking up everywhere I can!
I especially enjoy a "challenge" where I'm given a specific prompt and then left to my own devices!

I'm participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday {a day late!} with Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos.
What do you think of my interpretations of this week's items?


Word or Quote

Nature's Own


 Photographer's Choice

1. vintage lace headband
2. adorable magnetic notepad
3. clementines
4. Ruby, all scruffy playing outside... a rare "serious" moment. Love that her daddy is keeping an eye on her in the background too!
5.  necklaces

@Ramblings and Photos

Where are your favorite photography challenges?

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  1. Great photos! I like the last one a lot, the colors are so pretty! I'm having a giveaway on my blog, you should check it out!

    Xx Kelly

  2. Those are so much fun! I think using prompts is a great idea! I tend to just grab my camera and wander around until I find things that make me smile and photograph the crap out of them! Xo Lori

  3. **new follower**
    Awesome photos!

    I would LOVE it if you stopped by ;)

    xoxo, bree

  4. Great photos... Well I'm biased because I'm your #1 fan... LOL! What a fun link up!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway shout out! Loving that you’re having so much fun with your new camera. I'm having photography with drawls. I need to get back in the game.

  6. Great set - I'm really loving vintage.

  7. I LOVE the vintage and necklace photo!

    I keep meaning to tell you about this flash I just bought. Its the canon 270ex, I think it would work well for you, for your upcoming wedding. And the investment for it is very low.

  8. Really cool. I'd love to get in on that next time too. It really gives me a chance to learn how to take better pictures and how to use my camera. Great pix.

  9. Good job on nature's own. I have a bag of those sitting on my counter! They don't last long :)

  10. Beautiful photographs! I think you nailed it :)

    Thanks for coming by and saying hi! I'm following you back!

  11. Loving your vintage shot... this scavenger hunt is addicting... you miss it when you can't get to it... lol! ;)

  12. Great shots!! I found you through Laura's blog today! And I'm a new follower too. ;)
    If you like photo challenges, I have a few on my "photo challenge" page that you might like to take a peek at.
    They are so much fun to do. Looking forward to reading more from you!!
    And seeing your awesome shots!

    Photo Challenge page:

  13. Beautiful photos :)
    I'm a new follower thanks to Our Reflection :)

  14. LOVE THIS...I really want to start a link party of my own, but I don't know the first thing! How do you do it? I think you ladies have it down pack!!

    If you can I would love to hear from you, my email is jennifer at heavenly-blossom dot com :)


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