Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guest Post { Three Peas In My Little Pod }

I'm Lindsay from Three Peas In My Little Pod.

I'm a Wifey, Momma, blogger, crafter and wannabe chef & photography.
I have a little boy who is turning two in May, and my world preeeeety much revolves around him!  He's my best little bud and I love doing new things with him.
My blog is MY little piece of the world. One that doesn't involve diapers, laundry or working full time.
It's my retreat and I'd love for you all to stop by and see what's on my mind!  You'll find anything and everything.  Recipes, fashion, crafts, and a lot of random moments in between.

Let's have a little fun!

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm beyond ready for some warm weather here in Central PA.  I was just in Florida for a week, so my mind is where the sun is shining and there's some warm sand under my feet!

 I am such a hippie at heart.
I love anything boho and fringe-y (is that a word!?).
You will almost always find me in an enormous pair of sunglasses.
My style consists of easy to wear, comfortabl, cute clothes.  Like I said in the beginning, I have a little boy that I spend most of my time chasing around.
Maybe this outfit would be for date night?  Or cocktails with my ladies?
No matter, where I'm wearing it to - the sun's shining and there's a warm breeze blowing by!

Come by and join my journey through motherhood, messes & mayhem!
HUGE thanks Lena for letting me hijack your blog!


Thanks, Lindsay!
I love that outfit!
I would SO wear that dress, and I'm swooning over that purse!
I'm ready for warm weather too, bring it on!

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