Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dirty Secret Saturday BLOG HOP

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My secret?

I don't sleep with my husband.

Now before you jump to conclusions, I mean I literally do not SLEEP next to him. 

My husband has probably spent more nights on the couch than not over the past few years, but he is absolutely NOT in the doghouse.
We love each other very much and we do find lots of other ways {and places} to be intimate.

You see, the side of the bed next to me is usually taken by another guy...

He has NEVER liked to sleep alone.
Even as a baby.
We co-slept for a long time and it worked for us.

But my husband is a big guy and he tends to stay up a wee bit later than I do.
{he's a night owl, and I'm an early bird!}

Over time, we just got used to not sleeping in the same bed.
By the time I go to bed, I go there to sleep.
There probably wouldn't be any hanky panky happening right then anyway... ;)

I know some of you are familiar with Memphis' story... and although he's had some good nights here & there... with the anxiety he has about sleeping & the dark, the safest place for him is next to me, in my bed.

It assures that the entire family gets a good night's rest.

We're okay with it.
I don't like talking about it because I fear most people would get the wrong impression and I don't feel like having to justify myself or my family's choice.

Plus... the hubs SNORES like crazy!!

I do look forward to the day when I can share a bed more frequently with my husband, of course. I certainly hope Memphis will transition to his own room & bed sooner rather than later... but for now, this is how we roll!!  

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  1. I think it's a lot more common than any of us let us..this not sleeping in the same bed as our husbands. If I could get away with it I don't think I would either. I'm the type that likes to be left alone when I'm sleeping...don't be all up on me and wanna snuggle. And the snoring. Oi the snoring is awful!

  2. I wish I could convince my hubby to sleep on the couch! Ha! In all seriousness, though. He snores and rolls and kicks and constantly wakes me up. If we had a spare room, I would be sleeping in there. :)

  3. After almost 5 years I'm finally back in bed with the hubbs. I've been co-sleeping with both kids, and we still end up in their beds on some nights. No big. Its sometimes the only way I get sleep.

  4. I was in the same situation. The little Mr. took over the bed and sadly it is either myself or the Mr that has to sleep on the sofa, floor, or be okay with being kicked in the balls all night.

  5. I think Christine is right, it's WAY more common then you think. I have a bunch of friends who secretly do that.

    Though I'm single at the moment I've often wondered if I'd really be able to actually sleep sleep beside someone else. I'm a tosser and a turner and I get so over heated lol I'm sure that has part to do with the two fur babies that sleep on top of me! :)

    whatever works for you, no judgments here :)

  6. I think more mommy's and daddy's have this secret.....our kids have all slept with us at some point....but my little Kumaka is still smack dab in the my defense it's for his safety! He throws up a lot at night and I'm afraid I won't wake up and he will aspirate. Soon...this year hopefully he will transition. Thanks for making me feel more normal! )

  7. What works for you is best for your family. No need to justify..I totally understand:>

    I am following you now. Thanks so much for stopping by Blissful and Domestic Sunday Blog Hop:>


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