Friday, March 9, 2012


I was really excited and had high hopes for this week's photography challenge over at Our Reflection!
Did you see I won 1st place last week! So exciting!

The theme was

Easy Peasy!
I have 2 little ones right in the thick of it right now, right?
I thought I had this one in the bag!

Well, it was harder than I thought.

You see, my kids have a much more happening social life than I do, and they were barely around this week!
I didn't want to resort to using an older photo, since the rules state we should take a new one... and I'm a stickler for the rules!

At first, I thought about MY childhood, and how I could represent that.  I took a few cool shots of an old suitcase I still have, filled with old Barbies & other little knick knacks... I loved it because of the memories it brought back, but I wasn't sure I was capturing the theme.

Luckily, I did manage to get in a mini photo shoot with Ruby one night this week... and although I did get a few cutesy shots... nothing said "Childhood" more to me than this one!

I couldn't resist...
Sure, there were other photos where she didn't have her finger half way up her nose, BUT...
What's more childish that picking your nose!?

We all did it!  ;)

I also love the fact that she's surrounded by her stuffed animals, and I played around with it to make it really bright a little "cartoon-ish" for the theme this week!

I can't wait to see what everyone else took pictures of this week!

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  1. I seriously started laughing so hard when I saw this picture! Fabulous!

  2. Hahahaha! This is hilarious. I'm sure she'll be happy this is on the internet when she hits teenage years. LOL Thank you SO much for linking up today!

  3. That photo is perfect!!! Would love to have you link up with my first ever link party today!

  4. oh, one day she will be mortified! but how super cute and funny! love it!

  5. such a cute picture! her eyes are SO blue!

    this picture reminds me the scene in ET when he's hiding amongst all Drew Barrymore's stuffed animals :)

  6. I didn't even notice she was picking her nose until I clicked the link. She is so cute no matter what she does!!
    I just linked up too!

  7. HA! That is hilarious and I love that you actually used such a REAL childhood moment!


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