Wednesday, February 22, 2012

where do babies come from?

Yesterday, I teased you a bit with my Tuesday 10 list!
Haha... I love toying with you! ;)

This is what happened when Memphis asked me how babies were made! Enjoy!

When Memphis was 4 he started wondering exactly how babies were made. I think it must have had something to do with my sister being pregnant and him being old enough to see the changes her body was going through... He was 2 when Ruby was born, so I think he sorta missed the whole point of why my belly was so big back then! Ha!

So, catching me a bit off guard one day, the question came up about how mommies & daddies actually ''make'' babies.

I'm pretty open with my children and always try to answer as honestly as I can in a way they can understand.... There are any number of ways I could have answered this... but for some reason, I blurted out that making babies is a wish a mommy & a daddy make together. ''They go somewhere special, alone, and hold each other and wish really hard for a baby.''

Aha! I loved it! The second I said it I thought for sure that would be it. No more questions. Kids like wishes, it seemed like a simple answer... we'd get down to the nitty gritty another time, right?

Well, right then & there, he looked at me me a HUGE grin on his face...

''Wow! Can I watch next time you and daddy make a wish!?''

Um, no... trust me kid that is something you definitely DO NOT want to see!  ;)

I was pretty quick that day because I promptly responded with
''Of course not, silly... then the wish wouldn't come true! You know that when you make a wish, you never say it out a loud!''

''Oh right!!' he said.
And that was it. No more questions since then, so I think I'm off the hook for a little while!

Question now is, how have you answered your children when the question came up?
Do you remember how you learned about 'the birds & the bees?' 

And I promise I'll try to get around to a few more stories over the next few weeks!!

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  1. This is so cute!!!!

    When I was pregnant with my youngest, my aunt bought a children's book about where babies come from and gave it to my eldest. It mentions that the daddy puts a seed in Mommy and then it grows into a baby.

    Well last week Gabrielle (6) asked me directly... ''Where does Daddy get the seed and how does it put it in your belly?''

    I wanted to be honest and tell her the truth.. then figured maybe it would traumatize her and tell all her friends hehe

    I told her I would explain it all to her when she's a little bit older.

  2. Maybe you'll have him AND Ruby asking questions this time around as they see my belly getting bigger ...

  3. Hahah that's too cute! I actually never ever had that talk with my parents. I remember sitting in my health class freshman year of high school thinking, "Oh, that's how that works." Pretty embarrassing stuff. I'll definitely have to keep this one in mind when it comes up!

  4. So cute.....and great answer by the way! My oldest (when she was 4) had some of my students (I was teaching at a Christian school at the time) help her pray for a baby sister. I told her that Jesus said no (because I was told by my dr. I could not have any more babies), and within the month I became pregnant with my second one. So my eldest thought that babies came straight from Jesus. She thought this for a very long time, and gave this answer when the younger one asked. I'm sure Jesus had a big part in it, but dad's part in the process did not have to be discussed for a very long time! :D

  5. Totally cute! I just might have to use that line!

  6. haha! Love it! I think that's a GREAT way of explaining "the birds and the bees" to a 4-year-old! And also a great answer when he asked if he could watch the wishing! LOL!!!

  7. Hahaha!!! That's SO funny! I literally LOL-ed at work. =)

    Just the other day, my Little Guy said, "Momma, God makes babies, right?" And I said, "Yep!" And he said, so when I was in your belly, did God break open your belly and put his hands inside?" These kids keep us on our toes!

  8. I love it! When asked by my 4 yr old how his baby brother wasd getting 'out of there' I responded "Magic!" Now he insists he be there for the doctors magic show!

  9. That's such a good way to put it. I'll have to remember that one when my daughter asks me.
    thing is now what will you tell him when he hears something about sex at school.
    Kids seem to be talking about it earlier and earlier. I wouldn't be shocked if they start start talking about it in 1st grade.

  10. Hahaha! I probably would have said something similuar.

    When I was pregnant with Pea, anytime someone asked Ethan where the baby was, he would answer that baby was with the doctor (we only heard baby there, so made sense)

    Since then he has been asking for a new baby sister, and when I explain that it takes a long time for a baby to be born and a lot of energy. He usually turns around and says ok then lets just go find one at costco.

  11. I think I may have to deal with this around the time the baby comes. Right now Lyla is just trying to grasp the baby is in my belly thing.

  12. lol very cute story! I skipped the whole story about how babies were made and went straight to how they came out! Much easier to explain. lol lol

  13. We read "The Berenstain bears, Birds & the bees" yesterday. My daughter has asked a few things, but not too much yet.

  14. This was precious, I love children! My oldest always asked loads of questions, she still does, hehe :) Found you from Chickadette on FB, so I came along here too to say hello :) Hope you are well & have a great weekend xx

  15. so funny! thanks for sharing. totally made my morning!!!


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