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VDay Tutorials by AbsoluteMommy

Hi friends of Lena and Mom2MemphisAndRuby.  I'm a huge fan of Lena's.  When she said I could guest post I was so excited, and it has taken me weeks to get this guest post out!  Seriously, I've been trying to make it perfect.  So here it goes!
I'm Megan and I blog over at AbsoluteMommy.  You may know who I am.  Here are the deets.  I'm a stay at home mom, I like to craft (I'm kinda ok), I like to bake (including gluten free), and I like to blog about my kids, motherhood, life, whatever.  You never know what you may find over at my place.  What you will find is that I try to make my life as easy as possible, since motherhood is the hardest job I never interviewed for. 
For reals! Did you know that today is February 11th?  Did you realize in your busy life that Valentine's Day is Tuesday.  That's right, like 4 days including today, but Tuesday doesn't count because you have to be prepared.  Don't sweat!  No really.  Here are two things you could do today, tomorrow, or Monday night/Tuesday morning ish.  That's usually when I'm doing this kind of thing, but enough of that.  Let's get ready for Valentine's Day, it will be easy, quick, and cheap.  That's the AbsoluteMommy way! Class gifts.  You are going to need one right?  Well here you go, and I swear, most of you will have almost all of these things at home already.  If not, it will be super easy and affordable.  One trip to Target or Walmart and you are half way there!

You will need: *Plain old mailing labels *Ribbon you like Found that hot stuff at Michael's.  How could I say no? *Little Baggies that didn't show up in this picture.  Let's say they are the smallest, but really any size will do. *Hershey's Kisses *Hershey's Hugs *Hole Punch I printed the mailing labels at home.  It's what I had available to me.  I'm sure some of you really crafty computer friends could add a cool graphic or a better font.  Go for it.  The possibilities are endless.  These labels say "Hugs & Kisses/Happy Valentine's Day/From: Caitlin".  Then add you candy, I put 2 hugs and 3 kisses in each.  I have a preschooler and this is enough chocolate for a week.  But depending on age, add or subtract.  Then I folded the bag over the front, slapped on a label, and punched two holes in the left side.  Because these labels were off center.  Story of my life, so instead of starting over I improvised.  You can decide on ribbon placement.  Then tie your ribbon, mine is in a simple knot, because I'm not a bow maker.  I tried, I failed, I moved on.  I've got some bow people, so I'm good.  But here for time and ease, a knot is just fine. You will end up with something like this:
Easy Peasy
Super quick and very cute. Also cheap! 
Now onto something to impress the kiddos.  Especially if they are under 5.  Cookies on a stick make toddlers and preschoolers go bananas.  I don't have scientific proof, but I made these for an All Girls Christmas party and they were a hit.  Plus, they are so easy, and you don't have mix a thing!! You need these:
Ready made cookie dough?  Yes please.
Then you do this:
Let them thaw a little first. Like 10 minutes while you preheat the oven. Makes them way easier to stick.
Then in approx 8-10 minutes of cooking time and 8-10 minutes of cooling time (otherwise they fall off the stick) you will have these:
Cute right? Ok well then easy for sure!
And if you have kids that love anything sweet, you will have this:
She has yet to meet a dessert that she doesn't like. Just sayin'
That's it.  You are all set for Valentine's Day.  Unless you still need a teacher gift.  If you do hop on over to my blog to find this:
Find it HERE!
Thank you Lena for letting me invade your blog!  You know I love this space you have here!  I had a blast, and hopefully I will meet some new friends.   Happy Blogging, Megan


Thanks Megan!
I love these DIYs!!
So cute... and easy enough I might even try them!
{and that's saying a lot since I am so NOT crafty!}

Please go visit Megan's blog... she's one of the sweetest bloggers I've met!

Linking this up with over at Our Reflection's Valentine's Day DIY Linky Party too!

 Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Those cookies are my favorite! And they're practically out for every holiday now. I love it!

  2. Thanks for having me! These crafts are easy peasy Lena! Give them a try.

  3. Great ideas!! OMG, those cookie pops!! Genius!! Thanks for sharing! You both rock my socks off! XOXO

  4. Hello! Following from the linky party! Would love for you to Come check out my blog!



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