Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday 10

Welcome to a new week of Tuesday 10!



Before continuing with this week's list, I have a little announcement!
You see, I've been toying with the idea of suggesting "themes" for Tuesday 10.
I know coming up with a fresh idea is hard sometimes, so this could be a way to get the ideas flowing... you like?

To make it fun, I would love if throughout the week, YOU would make suggestions for the following week's list.  You can comment here, post on Facebook, tweet me or email me your ideas...
The FUN part is if YOUR idea is chosen as that week's theme,
you can be my "guest" co-host for the link up!

Of course, totally random Tuesday 10's are more than welcomed too!
Nobody will be turned away from the linky, I promise!! 
I think it will be a fun was to see how everyone interprets the theme idea!

To start us off,
next week's theme will be
10 Things You'll Find in my Purse
suggested by Salena {A Little Piece of Me}

Exciting stuff, right?
This could be VERY interesting...
I know I have a ton of crazy stuff in my purse... what about you!?


Now, back to this week's list:

10 Things I Would Say to a 16 Year Old Me

Believe in yourself

Don't wait too long to take a photography class

That guy you're with... well, you'll marry him someday!

Don't wait until you're 32 to pierce your nose, you'll LOVE it!

Things won't ever always be easy, but they will be so worth it!

Being a mommy will bring you so much joy... your kids are awesome!

Enjoy being young, and let loose a little!

Pluck your eyebrows already!! Seriously!

 ALWAYS trust your instincts

Quit being so shy!


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  1. Really good list Lena!

    Can't wait for next week. :)

  2. Such a cute list!! I love number 8. I'd love to hear more about the story someday. :)

  3. Love the idea!!! And what a great list!

  4. Thanks for hosting Lena! I love your list. Have a great day.

  5. Love your list! I too would love to learn about #8 someday--HOW CUTE!

  6. Fantastic list, some I would say to a younger me too!! Hope you have a great day! xx

  7. Love this! Have you done... 10 places you'd like to travel? 10 super hero powers you'd want? 10 favorite childhood games? 10 quirks about yourself? I should stop before I come up with a million questions haha :)

  8. Hahaha at pluck your eyebrows! I would have told 16-year old me the exact same thing! lol

  9. This was good fun! I look forward to next Tuesday! :)

  10. Great List- I think at 16 my eyebrows were over plucked.

  11. Salena does have a great idea! I loved your list this week, I really wish that would of been possible to do by the way. My sixteen year old self needed me to tell her a thing or ten! xo

  12. That is a great idea for next weeks!

  13. Love the purse idea - I was going to do something like that as a future post:) yay!

  14. Great list. Love next week's idea. Going to join the party for the first time! http://littlewaterlily.blogspot.com/


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