Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday 10

Welcome to the ''new'' Tuesday 10!

A big thank you again to Miss Mommy for giving me the opportunity to take over such a fun weekly linkup!
For anyone who may be new to the Tuesday 10, all you have to do is post about 10 'things'...
pretty much anything goes, 
and then link up here!
Take a peak at other blogs that have linked up too, and have fun!

This week I thought I would start with
10 Things I Love About Myself 

I think, as women, we dwell on so many of our 'imperfections' and forget to be proud of who we REALLY are...
especially right now, weighing more than I ever have ''not pregnant'' I'm strongly with my self-confidence...
so much so that sometimes I forget to celebrate the stuff I actually DO love about myself. 

I think I have a pretty good sense of humour 

I like my legs 

I'm proud of the mother I am to my kids.
I'm not perfect, but they know I love them more than anything, and
even when I struggle... I get through it

I'm loyal. 

I'm proud of my little blog.
It's come a long way!
It's just a hobby, but it's something I do for ME. 

I think I offer pretty good advice! 

I'm a good wife.
Marriage isn't always easy, but I give it my all. 

I like my eyes, and the freckles I get in the summertime. 

I love that I'm a ''good'' girl.
I don't have a wild past that will ever come back to haunt me... lol!!
(''don't do the crime if you can't do the time'') 

I'm open minded & very accepting of people's differences.
You know what makes me happiest?
By the time I got to the end of my list... I wasn't done!
I should do this more often!
I really do love ME just the way I am! 

Now, it's YOUR turn!  
Grab a button and share your Tuesday 10!


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  1. Great list!! I think we all need to take time to appreciate ourselves more.

  2. Great first tens list! Glad you found more then ten reasons to love yourself! Make sure you have master of style on the list!

  3. I love number 2. I used to be a good girl, and am still very much so. But I had a breakup that really messed with my head, and there are a few months of my life that I really wish I could just forget.

  4. I love hearing you talk about what you love about yourself! It's so easy to be self-critical or look at all of our faults-- so refreshing to take a minute and appreciate how great we really are!!!

  5. Love your list. It's good to think about things like that. :)

  6. great list. i am a new follower


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