Monday, February 27, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

I usually take a ton 'o pics with my phone...
for some reason the past week was a slow picture-taking week for me, BUT I do have a few I'd like to share with you!

Me & the onesie I could NOT resist buying for my new little niece
{I promise to post a pic of her wearing it this summer!
I can't wait to meet her!}

Memphis "up close & personal" with a python at the pet shop
{he was in HEAVEN}

Our drive back from the city on Friday
{we saw at least 4 cars in the ditch... we live in Canada, you think most people wouldn't freak out over a little snow, eh?}

A Saturday morning dance party
{Ruby is attempting to break dance!}

Last, but not least is Ruby pretending to be a puppy.
{When I asked her why she was pretending to be a puppy,
she said... "Cuz I never had one."  Guilt trip!!}

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  1. Hahah I love that you live in Canada. We lived in Sarnia for a little bit when I was younger. But we're all the way south in Louisiana and everyone makes fun of me for saying eh after everything.

  2. Great photos!
    Wow..lots of snow. I live in Florida so I'm not used to that lol
    SUPER CUTE onesie...I am loving it :)
    Happy Monday! ox

  3. Great photos! We had some bad snow here too with a ton of terrible accidents. Your kiddos are adorable! Love the onesie too :)

  4. i would be terrified to drive in that weather! yeah.. we don't get much of a winter here in Memphis. looool

  5. Ugh I hate driving in that kind of weather. I loth snow!


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