Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Linky Followers Fest :: A Blog Hop

 Welcome to The Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop! 

Let's meet the lovely ladies who host this Hop: 

 Katie @ Party of Four 

What  is a “Blog Hop?”
It’s a fun way to link up your blog in the section below this post and get more traffic and readers.  It’s a fantastic way to meet new readers and new friends. This hop is a Linky Follower specific hop.  If you do not have the widget on your blog yet, you can get it HERE.

The rules of the hop are:
Follow your hosts – by following the hosts it guarantees a follow back from all of us.  Leave us a comment letting us know you are a new follower and reader – we’d LOVE to hear from you and get to know YOU better. Make sure you have signed up for Linky Followers and follow the blogs using this widget.  That is the only requirement, but feel free to follow the blogs using any other follow widget (ie: Blog Lovin, Email, GFC etc.)
The hosts are the first 5 blogs linked up in capital letters in the linky section.

Please follow a few others in the hop and leave them a comment saying you came from the Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop.  You never know what new friends you will come across and meet. 
Thanks for joining us and we hope you have a great time!
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Let's show some love!


{for fans of the Tuesday 10, it's still happening today!
You can link up your lists here!}

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  1. Just came from the Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop.From Katie -Party of Four.
    New follower!!!


  2. We're joining in on the fun today!! Happy Valentine's Day! We're now happily following!! Thanks for hosting this link-up!

    Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Thanks for hosting the hop, Lena! I'm following you!

  4. Thanks for hosting :) I'm a linky follower now too!

  5. I am a new linky follower. Thanks for hosting some wonderful blogs!

  6. I'm now following ALL of you lovely ladies on Linky, come see me @ Three Peas In My Little Pod!

  7. yay for blog hops! i am a new follower here!

  8. not a new follower but a new blog hopper :-)


  9. Found your blog via the Linky follower Blog hop,...Am now following your cute blog. Hope you will stop by and say hi. Maybe follows as well:>


  10. Now following you through Linky! Thank you for hosting :)

  11. I found you thru the blog hop and I'm a new member. Looking forward to reading more! Come check out our home renovation adventures at www.migonishome.com, I love visitors. :)

  12. Cute blog! A new follower from your blog hop - thanks for hosting!

  13. Cute blog! I've visited here before but now I am a new follower through the blog hop:)

  14. I was already a link follower lol :) Thanks for hosting!
    -Meesh :)

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  16. I did it! It took me two days but I clicked .everysingleone. and I found some new friends! I'm excited about your next hop! I'd love to join up as a host if you do this again!

  17. I arrived here through the blog hop as well. I can't wait to get to know everyone!

  18. I arrived here through the blog hop as well. I can't wait to get to know everyone!

  19. Thank you for hosting! I am a new follower from the blog hop too!


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