Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Large Sponsor Highlight: Raising Miss Mommy

Last, but not least is Amanda who blogs over at Raising Miss Mommy!


{the baby and daddy behind this crazy mommy :)}

My name is Amanda, and just when I was figuring out life... surprise!  I became a mommy.
I'm rediscovering my purpose in life while raising a beautiful baby girl, but what I'm starting to realize is she's the one raising me. 

I grew up in Minne{snow}da and even though I loved the land of 10, 000 lakes I decided to move to sunny San Diego, California to pursue a degree in Fashion Design.  Going to school there took me beyond just the sketching of fashion designs, I'm proud to say I can take a design from idea to paper, to pattern development, to actual garment.  I have to say San Diego treated me very well, I was able to get an education in something I am passionate about, I fell in love and was given the most amazing gift in the world... our beautiful daughter. 

Having her made us realize the importance of family.  It really does take a village to raise a child and our village {for the most part} is in Minnesota so we decided to make the move back to the tundra.  Although we miss the ocean and constant sun, Minnesota really is a beautiful place with more to offer than California ever could.

 Now-a-days you can find me playing with our daughter, holding hands with my wonderful hubby to be, crafting/creating/sewing, attempting to cook, sweating through a work out, or spending time with my wonderful family and friends.  Everyday I'm learning more and more how special and beautiful life really is.  Every second is a blessing and I intend to soak up every bit!

My blog is a place for me to share all things mommy.  The new, the difficult and the beautiful things mommyhood throws my way.

 I would love for you to come say hello!


Isn't she super cute?
She's working hard at gaining followers at her blog, and will be doing a "featured reader" weekly series!
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