Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eff, Marry, Kill { Prison Break edition }


It's back!
Love this linkup!!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you might have noticed I'm just a bit obsessed with Prison Break right now.
Watching it on Netflix and I'm LOVING it.

So, today I'm dedicating my Eff, Marry, Kill to 3 Prison Break boys...
if you were a fan of the show, let me know if you agree!

Scofield is hot and covered in tattoos... but maybe a little too serious to be husband material.
Sucré is super sweet, loyal and would probably treat me like a queen (if we weren't on the run)
Mahone is a SLIMEBALL!!  Leave Mike alone already!  Sheesh!

Have you made your Eff, Marry, Kill list yet!?

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  1. I would definitely Eff Scofield but I would marry him too!!! Kill Mahone....and Tbag too! He freaks me out!!!

  2. I miss Prison Break! I have it on DVD though so I can still watch :)

  3. Wentworth Miller is sooo yummm!! I'd marry him just so I could eff him ova and ova.. ha! But I hear he gay, in real life. Major bummer.

  4. I've never watched this before!!

  5. OMG! This made my day! I might have to join in this fun!!

  6. yes please! this show was one of my faves because wenthworth is SEXY! :)

    great picks!

    happy thursday!

  7. I am about to start watching prison break! I am a criminal minds junkie and have seen almost all and heard prison break was really good!


  8. Based on looks, I totally agree with your choices!!!

    Thanks for playing along!!!!

  9. I have never watched this show, but since you say it's so good, I will definitely be finding it on Netflix- I love starting new shows :) Although I'm not a big tattoo person, Scofield is HOT! I would definitely make babies with him :)

    Happy Thursday!


  10. Oh, sweet baby Jesus. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this show!!!!

    I'd definitely have to marry Wentworth Miller & eff Dominick Purcell (his brother on the show)! Whew!

    I'm so disappointed they cancelled this show! :(

  11. I haven't seen the show but based on looks alone I agree with your picks.

    Have you seen any Sons of Ararchy. Good stuff - check it out

  12. I'm playing the eff, marry, kill game w/ my mom. She said the picks Dominick to eff just b/c black guys have a reputation but the other guy is just as hot. LOL


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