Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dirty Secret Saturday blog hop!

We all like to pretend that our lives are kinda perfect right?
It's such a nice thought...
Nobody really needs to do about those times we run errands in our pajamas, or that recipe we tried that totally bombed or the mess we hide in the hallway closet, or how our kids NEVER seem to listen to us...

But let's face it!  Nobody is perfect!
We all have our ''off'' days and our "secrets" we haven't spilled on the blogosphere yet, so
Chrissy, Megan and I want you to spill your dirty secrets with us
on the last Saturday of every month!!

We're calling it Dirty Secret Saturday and we really hope you'll link up with us!
Grab the button below and spread the word!
Let's keep it real, and support each other through our good AND not so great days!

So exciting!!



My secret?
I've probably mentioned it on here before...
but I drive an OLD busted up minivan.

For those of your that think I'm super cool, or a bit of a rock star...
This definitely proves that I am NOT!  lol

We bought this used van last year for $1000.
We've put about $1000 into it and it runs great, it's big enough for our family and all of our junk, it easily gets us from point A to point B...
So for now... this is how we roll.

Truth be told, I probably wouldn't be caught dead driving this around in the city....
but since we live in a small town and my commute to & from work/daycare/school is literally 5 minutes, 
I can't justify spending a ton of money on a new car, higher insurance premiums, monthly car payments... ugh!


It's a 2000.
It's TWELVE years old!
But, we don't have a car payment, and THAT is really nice.
So for now, as long as the van runs well and is SAFE...
(Or unless we win the lottery in the meantime)
We'll be driving around in our busted up old van.


But it could be worse... hopefully you'll come back next month to see another dirty little secret of mine!!

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  1. I always thought buying a nice car up north would be stupid anyway because they rust out fast. Is that true??

  2. We are SO into driving cheap cars! We bought a Jeep from a family member because they needed to sell it and have a small car payment but our other car is definitely a beater. I think it makes us AWESOME because we're not spending tons of $! We're totally rockstars, lady!

  3. I think if you painted some flames on it it would be totally rockstar!! Lol! I totally get it! My hubby really needs to upgrade his work truck but we haven't had a car payment in years. We kinda like it that way!!
    Thanks for inviting me to co-host! I'm so excited!

  4. LOL that's not such a bad secret, although I know how you feel. Up until 2010 I was driving a 2000 Venture. I didn't realize how happy I'd be to see that thing go!

  5. we LOVE driving old cars! Before we had to upgrade to a minivan because we had too many carseats, I drove a 1989 Volvo sedan without working AC, with faded interior and with more than a few parts held together with duct tape. It was amazing - I never had to worry about scratching or denting it or keeping it looking pristine. My hubby drives an ancient pickup and when his front bumper came half off (collision with a dog) he just put it back on with deck screws! Now that we have a new van (it was actually cheaper to buy a new base model than a used one with bells and whistles) we are totally paranoid about keeping it nice, which is a pain. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I don't have any interest in driving an expensive fancy more possession I would have to clean!!
    I am your newest linky follower.

  7. what a great idea for a hop! And my post from last night will fit in JUST perfectly. A picture of my living room during a "sick day" at home LOL
    Linking up now!

  8. Haha we drive a 98 van the same kind as yours. Actually yours is a little cooler. You can say you drive a dodge. We have a plymouth voyager! Nothing cool about that name.

    We are hoping to downgrade next year to a car.

  9. Your dirty little secret made me smile :) Thanks for the link up! -Kim

  10. my car is a HUGE mess all the time….it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean

  11. I got you beat. My minivan is a 1997! Yes, not even from this century. Bet you didn't see that coming, huh? But, I drive it and I love driving it cause my teens are embarrassed by it.
    Thanks for putting together the hop!

  12. I wish I didn't have a car payment. :( My car is always dirty. I feel like I find some sort of food or drink that has been dropped and is moldy on a weekly basis. ick!

  13. Great secret! My car is a POS, seriously. It's a 1998 and none of the windows stay up on their own. Everything is busted. We are hoping to get a new car this summer, but yeah. I can totally relate! lol

  14. Cars age. My husband owned it with his brother brand new. Now it's doing stop or go down the road, windows are stuck (does not go up or down).

    Thank you for hosting the blog hop. Now following your: twitter, FB, g+ and Pinterest:)

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    Hope you had a great day!


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