Friday, January 27, 2012

What's In a Name?

When I started blogging (nearly 6 years ago!), my posts were very sporadic and I was mainly doing it as a way to document my mommy milestones.
I never put much thought into my blog 'name.'  Back then, I was lucky if I had 10 followers...
and ALL of those were friends or family. 

Now that my little blog has grown into something a bit 'more' I go back & forth on whether or not I should change the name.  I'm kinda kicking myself that I hadn't thought to be more creative in the first place because I don't always blog about the kids or mommy stuff... and I, admittedly, get a little jealous when I come across a really cute & clever blog name.  It is after all, your 'brand.' Whether you have a shop or not, you are putting yourself out there... right?

Then I remind myself that blogging is a hobby, one that I really enjoy (& keeps me sane, I might add), but first & foremost I am Memphis & Ruby's mommy.  It's my proudest achievement and I wouldn't want to be anything else.  It warms my heart when I run into one of the kids' friends outside of school/daycare and they refer to me as 'Ruby's Mommy' or 'Memphis' Mommy'... those little words are so sweet.

So, although my blog name might be a little boring... my life certainly is not. I may someday switch things up on here... but for now I am happy to be known as Mom2MemphisAndRuby!
(you can call me Lena, though!)

I'm curious... how did you come up with your blog name?
Are you STILL happy with it? 
Would you ever change it?

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  1. I'm unhappy with mine. Before I started blogging, I read a lot of blogs but not nearly as many as I read now. When I came up with my name I thought that musings was clever because you don't hear it that often in everyday language. Little did I know that in the mom blog world there was a whole sea of musings. (Insert your name here)'s Musings. I have a cute & clever name waiting in the wings but I just had my blog redesigned so I will let the old one sit for a little.

  2. Oh i regret my choice all the time, although i actually started with the worst name in history: study and sew, because well you guessed it i'm a student- who sews ! then i changed it to The studious Stitch or just Studious Stitch. Which is pretty much just a fancy way of saying the original. i have quite the love hate relationship with it!

  3. Sometimes I am unhappy with mine too, but we just have to have a little faith in ourselves.
    Is it just a name?
    No, it's the voice behind the name that makes it shine ;)

  4. I've often contemplated a name change. When I started blogging, I didn't follow any other blogs and really knew nothing about it. I set up my blog on a whim, and when they asked for the name, I thought about it for about 2 seconds and hastily wrote in "Jill's World". Now, it seems so unimaginative, plain, boring...blah. Buuuut...I've been "Jill's World" for 6 years now; and I have no better inspiration when it comes to changing it to something else. Plus, part of me wants to keep it because Wade Redden used to buy a luxury suite at Scotiabank Place for sick children, and he called it "Wade's World". It's like my little tie to him. haha!

  5. When I started blogging, I came up with the name "Marchand's Musings." When I had N, I decided to add the mama. Yes, I'm contemplating a name change but ... I'm nervous to do it.

    I love your name. :) It's who you are!

  6. I love and hate my blog name! At the time I really didn't think about it, kinda wish I hadn't been so impulsive.

    But it is what it is and I was a city girl who moved to the coast!

    It's rather nice to see how some blogs got their names!

  7. I actually really love my blog name. I thought loong & hard about what I wanted my blog to be called, and The Sweetest Petunia totally fits me. :)

  8. i've been thinking about this a lot too! i started out wanting to be all alliterary [<--- made up word] but that didn't exactly work. :-P it was kind of just the first thing off the top of my head. i feel like my blog name doesn't really reflect where my blog has gone. so i'm hoping to spend some time brainstorming and get my wordsmith of a boyfriend to brainstorm too and come up with something that feels more "me." but that's what i like about your blog name, because it is you!

  9. I love your name! I am so not creative when it comes to thinking up names for things. The Fontenot Four was about as creative as it got nearly 2 years ago when I began a blog that, really, only just a couple family members read (or not). My last name is Fontenot (please don't pronounce the final "t"'s not my fault my last name is of Cajun origin!!) There are 4 of us in our family. But it's so BORING, I think. I contemplating changing the name when I had my blog redesigned, but I couldn't come up with anything. There are SO many awesome names out there. At least my designer thought of the "F4" logo that's on my blog. AT least that stands out (I hope)!

  10. I go back and forth on mine too. I have a reason behind my name but I don't think anyone really knows it. I would like to change it to something cute and clever but it's who I am and i cant think of anything... ;) Nat's Knapsack= nat (for me, Natassia) knapsack - well because I LOVE bags/purses and you never know what you might find in a ladies "knapsack" just like my blog- its a little of this and that.
    And I agree, I like your name it's who u are

  11. I like your blog name! And your design really makes it pop :) I had, oh, 3 or 4 "this is our family" blogs before I started Stuff I Love, so I had some time to think about it. I like my blog name because it's very descriptive of my blog (where I mostly talk about stuff I love) - unfortunately it's a really popular blog name when it comes to getting a web address, so I can't ever be www.stuffilove.whatever which can be confusing for readers. Oh well!

  12. I think mine is fine...for the blog. But I want to have a matching url address. For my shop, calling it Party Of Four is kinda strange but i want it all to be the same. So if... and thats if i can think of something better i will change it all. and I like your name

  13. I grew up in Wisconsin where the only thing that we had that was the equivalent to sand was snow! But the beach, the water, the sand and sun, it was always a part of my life. We'd take trips to our condo in Florida every summer and enjoy the beach all day and all night long. I never wanted to leave. The beach felt like home to me. I promised myself that one day, one amazing day, the beach would indeed be my home. I went to school in San Diego and thought, this old be my home... but it was too much. Too much makeup. Too much working out. Too much material things and not enough beach. I mean seriously, makeup?! At the beach?! Come on now! Several years later, I fell in love, this time with a boy. We moved to my other love, the beach! And this time... In Florida!! Although I've only seen 1 starfish in person, underwater, swimming when I was a kid, I've never forgotten it's beauty and still remain in awe of it. So here I am, Sand & Starfish :) a name I am proud to call my own!

    P.S. Love love love reading all these stories about names!!

  14. I love your blog name! I think it's a great name that tells who you are and what you blog about. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you don't blog about other things, too. :)

    Mine (Global Odyssey; was chosen because of my two degrees in International Relations. I love everything about the world and travelling it. I am also a fan of Homer's Odyssey and the story that it tells. So I put those two together to imply that I'm travelling the world with my ideas, opinions, political anthropology research, and creativity.

    Our other blog (Crafty Girl Squared; was named that because we're two crafty girls. It was cute, math-y, and described us to a tee. We've named our shop ( the same thing and it's now become our brand. :)

    Keep on keepin' on! I love the things you do!

  15. I love your blog name because I love your kiddos names. It's very rockstar/Hollywood mamma status. I love that it's unique just like you. And yes you are their mamma at the core but so much more. You can tell that from their names.
    AbsoluteMommy started as a Facebook page for my mom rants. I was ready to blog a yr before I actually started. AbsoluteMommy is just that, I'm a mommy, nothing is gonna change that. Good days bad days everyday, I'll still be mommy.
    I really like my blog name. I hope that doesn't change.

  16. I love my blog name. Although I have been feeling a little bit of a fraud because when we go out I seem to be able to wear heels again, so I have been choosing those to wear.

    The sentiment behind my name is still there though, I did stop working in stiletto land to be home and play with Ethan and Peyton in sneaker land so in tnat regaurd its still holds up.

    And I love your blog name, even with it being called mom 2 memphis and ruby you somehow still made it seem kinda rocker like. Well at least I think so!

  17. I say keep it too!

    I chose zeldamom because when my kids were young, I would at different times become Zelda from the planet New Fleet. I had a different voice and children were called kidpeas, it was a lot of fun. They still ask for Zelda at times and my youngest is 22. He said when he has kids of his own, that Zelda HAS to come back.

  18. I'm good with my name. Sometimes I regret the Miss part cause I am not a miss anymore...but it has sentimental value, I guess. LilMissNerdGirl was the AOL screen name I used when my husband and I started dating (almost twelve years ago!). Because we were so totally hip we exchanged love letters via email, and I like to remember that. Little Miss Nerd Girl led me to be who I am today, basically. I mean, we didn't meet through the internet, but we did a lot of communicating via it.

    I like your name because your kids have AWESOME names.

  19. Don't be afraid of change! Change is vital to life, every single day - so isn't blogging a direct reflection of that? Who we are change, molds, and evolves as we grow - so our blog should too! At the end of 2011 I decided it was time for a change on my blog, I wanted something different, and decided to take the plunge. New name. New look. and I'm happy with it now!

  20. OH can I ever relate!! I absolutely positively loathe my blog name and blog look. Content?? Well its getting there. The name... Pig logs and 'tater berries. When I started the blog we lived in Alaska and it was simply a means of chronicling our life as well as keeping family/friends posted on the goings ons. The name... well "pig logs" were the huge unwieldy pieces of wood cut from the base of a tree. My husband accused them of being as hard to handle as a pig. The name stuck. Our eldest said partially ripened lingonberries tastes like raw potatoes.. henceforth the name "tater berries." The name fit our life at the time. But now??? Not so much.. In fact NOT at all. They boys are teenagers preparing to embark on adventures of their own, we are learning how to loosen our grip and let go (the 1st graduates this year!) And I am finally pursuing my interests of baking, decorating, making over/making do, and well just a little bit everything else.

    So no, no new name as yet. no new look (but that is in the works!). I'm always up for suggestions!! :)

    Peggy @

    (oh I found you via Mama Marchand's Musings and her pending name change!)

  21. I love my blog name.. it involves two of my favorite things.

    Pictures and dessert :P

  22. I like mine although sometimes I think it's a little long...but it does encompass what I wanted the blog to be...and everyone shortens the name every now and then, so I don't mind...
    xoxo & happy weekend!

  23. It took me for.....ever. I'm kind of a perfectionist. I kept trying to bounce them off my daughter and she'd say yeah that's fine or no that's silly. Not quite a lot of help. Finally she you are so overthinking this...just pick one already. But I didn't want to change it later. Tried to find one that described me overalls and pearls or some such thing. But whenever I got one I was taken. I wanted it short and easy to remember. But it was hard. So many that I liked were gone. Mine Reinventing the Ordinary is growing on me ... but there are others I liked better.

  24. I love your name!! It is SO unique and it is SO YOU and will always be YOU :) That's why I decided to incorporate our family's last name into "my" blog. Even tho things will change, our name won't :)

  25. Aww, that's really sweet! I feel the same way when I come across a really cute blog name. Sometimes I wish I had chosen something a little more unique and easily searchable on google. lol But I like yours and I LOVE that it represents something so special to you like your kids!

  26. I go back & forth all the time, but now that I'm established it sort of just has to work! I created the name at first when I was hobby blogging, then when the shop opened I decided to keep it simple and have the same name.. little did I know where the last year would take me and although I wish it was more of a 'brand' name, I have to remember that it's 'my' brand and I stand behind it 100%. Don't be afraid of change, and don't wait to long because the bigger you get the harder it might be to change if you do decide! Good luck following your heart on this one =)

  27. I love this post cause I sometimes look at all the cute blog names and get oober jealous lol I mean some people are so creative!! Mine was just where I was in life when I started my blog {same thing just for funsies really} Would I change it? IDK I don't like change lol. But I like yours, it says a lot about you. Memphis and Ruby are a big part of who you are and what you do so it is fitting!! :)
    -Meesh :)

  28. I love your blog name.

    I came up with mine on the spur of the moment actually.

    A Little Piece of Me = sharing little pieces of myself

    I am not very clever and even have a hard time naming my kids, all 6 of them. LOL. Oh, and pets... I get stressed out! Oh, and usernames... I'm very boring. =)

    I would love to change mine but I have not the first clue what it would be. I need someone to tell me. ;)


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